We regret to inform you that your son, Zurakaru Ze, is an idiot.

And yes, I got podded too.

I was having a great day ratting. A few BS and lots of cruisers. But then, not too long before the Tyrannis outage, I decided to meander into a hot-and-heavy Factional Warfare system. I observed a lot of activity all cloakied up, however, I decided I’d jump into one of the plexes to see if I could score an easy kill.


I had warped shy of the acceleration gate and watch friendlies and foes go. There was a lull in the activity, so I moved in.


Just as the gate de-cloaked me I see a flash of flashy orange. Damn. Stuck against the gate, I couldn’t move as I was scrammed and toasted with Autocannon. First volley was ok, just halfway through shields. Second volley was real bad. Third volley was even worse. Then *poof*. I was loaded with torps, so I don’t think I could have damaged him, but I didn’t try. I was trying to get off the damn gate so I could get away. My pod suffered the same fate, wedged against the gate. Grrr.

I kick myself for not shooting. I’d like to have at least some damage given instead of sitting there like a deer in the headlights. Of course, insurance covered 1/10 the cost of another Nemesis. However, the money was there, so I bought another one. I was busy fitting it when Tyrannis ran everyone off.

I actually didn’t feel bad about losing the ship. I feel bad about losing the implants. I have no idea what I had, but my skill queue jumped 2 days and I could not replicate my previous ship fit. That may take a back-burner as I scramble to secure a planet slot when I next log on.

Fly smartly.