Really. Some pilots in New Eden have no sense of humor.

 Let me paint the picture here. I am in a dead-end low-sec system, all by my lonesome. I have just finished anchoring a stash can when I decided (stupidly) to hit one of the belts. Now, I am fitted with cargo expanders on my little Nemesis so I could set out my cans. I have no damage control or torp enhancer. And I have no reserve ammo.

I engage a Serpentis BS rat. I realize I am not putting as much damage into him as I would like, so I’ll need to get more torps it seems.

Then, a stranger appears in the system. D-scan tells me two things:

  1. He’s flying an Ishkur
  2. He can see me.

So, I disengage with the BS well into armor and a torp left, and hit my hidey-hole. Cloaked up, I review his prof. Hmm, lame 5,000ISK bounty, but has a neg security standing. He is also in a corp with a few people, with him not being the CEO or founder. Best I jet and come back in a few.

I leave the system, get fitted to shoot NPCs correctly and load up on ammo. I head back. My friend is still in the system. I warp cloakied up to where the BS was.

Of course, he’s happily engaged the BS. I could de-cloak and race him to finish it off, but decided against it. It just isn’t my style.

From my perch, he looks like he’s webbed it. I didn’t see any drones, though (although by overview separates drones to a different tab), but usually you can see the pew-pew from them. So, I thought I’d try a little humor. Here’s how it went…

Now, remember, we’re the only two in local. And I haven’t spoken to him at all until this…

[ 2010.05.30 22:01:59 ] Zurakaru Ze > I softened it up for ya and you haven’t blown it up yet? lol
[ 2010.05.30 22:02:13 ] DestinySpear > u getting cocky son?
[ 2010.05.30 22:02:37 ] Zurakaru Ze > just making an observation my friend
[ 2010.05.30 22:02:48 ] DestinySpear > not really…ur laffin
[ 2010.05.30 22:02:54 ] DestinySpear > thats not an observation
[ 2010.05.30 22:03:11 ] DestinySpear > thats called mocking based on limited knowledge of the situation
[ 2010.05.30 22:03:11 ] Zurakaru Ze > True. It was actually more of a guffaw
[ 2010.05.30 22:03:29 ] DestinySpear > i understand its all ur capable of but ill use my imagination
[ 2010.05.30 22:04:01 ] Zurakaru Ze > I can snicker, too, but it just isn’t as effective
[ 2010.05.30 22:04:08 ] Zurakaru Ze > Or relevant
[ 2010.05.30 22:04:17 ] DestinySpear > go ahead sunshine
[ 2010.05.30 22:04:33 ] Zurakaru Ze > I prefer Cupcake, but sunshine will do           (Read Paul Clavet’s stuff…hilarious)
[ 2010.05.30 22:04:54 ] DestinySpear > i dont like using pet names…. ur real name will do sunshine
[ 2010.05.30 22:05:49 ] DestinySpear > well i need more ammo for my gun….all these neuts take up too much space…. later and gf when we do

He leaves after he blows up the ship. He does not loot it (although I half suspected he was baiting me, but I only loot war target’s kills).

Maybe he was cranky because he was getting his ass handed to him, maybe not. I just don’t see where I was mocking him. I could have called him a big pussy or something if I was really mocking him.


Some people just don’t have fun, I guess.

Fly like you enjoy it..