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No sooner had I written that lone suicide gankers are rare, up shows a Thorax looking for lulz.

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Do you help those who need it in game?

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After Action Report 2/18/2010

Can you believe it? Mt first real post is an after battle post???? This miner? WOW.

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Hello! This is my first post on this blog. I am stoked about starting it!

What this blog is about….EVE. If you don’t know what EVE Online is, you need to go find out. I am not going to write much about what an MMPORG is. Hopefully, those who read this already know.

Really, this will be about me and my exploits in EVE.

I wanted to do this after reading some very, very good blogs about some folks doing awesome things. My things, well, they’re not awesome…yet.

About me: I am CEO and pretty much the lone soul of Zurakaru LTD,  a small hi-sec mining, manufacturing, & other corp in Gallente space, Verge Vendor region. I currently hang out in a quiet 0.8  system, which makes things great. Rarely see a spike over 20 in local, usually averaging 8-10. This is mainly due to a major spaceways running a parallel path to our connected systems.

I have been on Tranquility since September 2009. I was an NPE corp newb for about 2 months. I like the solitary do-what-you-want aspects, so I formed my own corp. I like it ok, but will probably look to join another corp at some point (oooh, maybe an alliance?).

So, stay tuned. You’ll find more about me, Zurakaru Ze, and my brother Zurakaru Kino. Enjoy!