Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting wat-bs 

I have been spending my time, what little there has been, flying around in low-traffic low-sec areas battleship hunting in my lover, er, my Nemesis Hecate. It has been fairly easy, with my standard approach being to warp in clear of the rocks in a belt and either 1) stay cloaky until I am in range and then orbit quite happily or 2) uncloak and drag the cruiser/bc/bs away from the field, then go into orbit and shove torps up its ass.  

Now, I do get bored, especially when taking out cruisers to get the train going. I will sometimes try to snare the target against a rock, which is great when using torps. I don’t use a web or painter, so keeping cruisers slow with rocks is fun. There is no need to do so against a battleship as my orbit keeps them almost motionless.  

I tried using a painter, but the effect really isn’t suited for torps I guess. Maybe more of a missile thing. I don’t really know. I didn’t like the power requirements as I had to drop my shield extender to fit it. I have read they’re kinda useless, though, or at least inferior to a web. 

I am totally maxed out in CPU. With the cloak, 3 siege launchers, shield booster, shield extender, cap, AB, damage control and ballistic control, I can’t fit anything else, especially into the left over high slot. I need that extra shield dps, but it is a hungry module. I can go without the cap if I am smart, but when there are multiple escorts, it is hard to tank them without the boost. I am happy with the fit, though. Oh, and no rigs. I can’t afford the CPU hit per siege module. 

I have popped in on some of the factional warfare plexes, but the stealth bomber role is not of the plexing variety. I might get a kill or two, but when Caldari missile volleys start hitting, the eggshell of a ship starts to crack easily. I really need to drag out a cruiser or BC to play with it, or maybe join in or some of the other militia members doing so.


Speaking of battlecruisers, I again almost lost my Myr. This time I was doing a hi-sec mission. Straightforward, nothing abnormal, except for the fact that I didn’t read what the mission objectives were. I was supposed to scout out things in a few different rooms. However, I took it that I was supposed to blow up everything in each room. Not a good idea.

 In the very first room I encounter a number of ships, all various sizes and classes. No problem, I thought. I have 2 waves of Hammerheads and 2 of Hobgoblins. I sat back, double armor rep’d with a 1600mm plate, thermic hardener, some targeting help and a cap. I also through in some salvage quip if needed. Drones away. 

Now, I didn’t have enough 800 cap in my hold. I thought I did, but I didn’t. Not good. My drones got slaughtered, and my shields vaporized as spawn after spawn showed up. I have no offensive weapons on-board, just a few neuts if some frigs got close. Rep-rep-rep as I switched out drones. I sent the fast ones to track down the frigs. Wait, what’s that sound? Armor out? Bullshit. Oh crap, no cap. Nothing in the booster. Dammit.

I get turned around to point to something, recall what drones I have left, and wait for a little cap to build so I can warp somewhere. I was halfway through structure by the time I left. I was pissed. I head to the station, load up on repairers and cap, do my work outside the station, then loaded back up. Guns, drones, and the double check of cap. I went back to the mission and finished off what I started. Oh, and not a single drop of loots. Fuck.

I double check the mission and realize I just needed to scout. Dammit. I raced back to corporate, switch to an Incursus, and zipped through the other rooms. I felt like an idiot.

Kino has run a few FW missions. He’s gotten chased by pirate gangs and Caldari militia a few times, but nothing much to worry about. No ninja salvagers, although we as a corporation don’t bother with wreck salvaging much, and FW missions usually only drop dogtags. Besides, who wants to fit a salvager or drag one 14 jumps just to get burned boards, with the hopes of getting armor plating or aluminum bar or other items of some value. It just isn’t worth it on those missions.

My company now blocks blogs, especially ones with .blogspot, .wordpress, or .livejournal addys. So, my updates may be a bit long, but less frequent. I will try to set aside more writing time at home instead of at lunch.
I am happy yet unhappy about the pushback of Tyrannis. I am happy that they realized they had problems to fix and are addressing them (I assume they are). I am unhappy in that my long training time skill I started will probably finish up in the middle of it. Grrr. At least I will have Drone Interfacing V. Gimme that 20%!!!!!
I haven’t got to play with the new planetary interaction stuff. I think I will invest some ISK into it if the money generation is good. We don’t need a lot, but it has to be more interesting that straight mining and manufacturing. And if I can generate more than 5 mil ISK an hour, I will sell our mining barges. Or at least think about it.

Fly Tyrannis-less