Bubble camp needs leads to my Thorax fitting.

Over at the Altruist, Azual Skoll is covering Tech I cruisers. Azual Skoll’s  guides are  a good reference, whether you agree with his assertion or not. They provide some insight on how the ships are perceived by EVE vets.

In OUCH, we do a lot of bubble camping in various spots in Curse. You can break down the  basic needs of a camp: Mobile warp disruptor/interdictor, tackle, & DPS. EWAR/ECM are an added benefit, but not necessary. Same with scouts, boosts and logistics. Catch…hold…kill. It is a simple concept.

Tackle is usually accomplished by a frig or interceptor/frig combination. DPS can then be brought in. However, light tackle ships are fragile. So, an addition of “heavy tackle” is added, typically a cruiser which can apply webs and scram while tanking any incoming damage. DPS may or may not be a function of the particular setup, which just depends on fleet makeup and FC wishes.

In the OUCH forums, there has been a thread concerning the heavy tackle role and fittings suited for it. The ships tended to be armor heavy with medium guns. Moas, Stabbers, Thoraxen and Ruptures were selected for various reasons. However, except for Stabber shield speed fits, the ships are slow. Some were delighted that their barge made it up to 1000 m/s with an overheated MWD.

I really don’t like the idea of a super tanky ship being used as tackle. Admittedly, a bubble camp’s layout should prevent any long distance runs. A small bubble should keep a centered ship within 10km of its target, well within an overheated scram range. Blaster boats will have to move somewhat, but not far.

However, I truly believe the role of “medium tackle” should exist. A nimble cruiser with small guns and an active tank with no more than an 800mm plate or a Trimark setup, which should work fine. Why?

The United States Navy, back in-between WWI and WWII, was limited on ship displacement as well as gun size. The term light cruiser was given a definition by the London Naval Treaty of 1930. Light cruisers were defined as cruisers having guns of 6.1 inch (155 mm) or smaller, with heavy cruisers defined as cruisers having guns of up to 8 inch (203 mm). In both cases, the ships could not be greater than 10,000 tons.

So, a lot of light cruisers were built. When WWII broke out, some of the light cruisers (US Navy hull designation CL) were designed for anti-aircraft operations. Basically, they were “heavy frigates” more than true battlecruisers.  They were effective against small vessels, aircraft and some saw limited ASW duty. Against a battleship or heavy cruiser fleet, however, they obviously couldn’t repel firepower of that magnitude.

For bubble work, I do believe the heavy frigate conception is perfect. A Thorax with a small active tank and inertia stabilizers, couple with light blasters, makes for an effective CL. A full rack of heavy neutron IIs with Null, web, scram, MWD, gun rigs and mag stab makes for still a formidable punch. Even more so, the ship can protect the frigates. How?

By shooting drones. With the small blasters, alpha-ing light drones is common. Medium drones take a few rounds as do heavies. Drones shooting you? No prob. The active tank should help.

Of course, the decision to go after drones should be balanced against the type of ship being shot. If you have a Stabber tackled, no worries. Just kill the ship. Drake? Kill the drones first. Dominix? Well, hmm. Let’s hope you have tons of DPS and some ECM.

I like flying my heavy frigate Thorax. The ship has a sub 6 second align time, which makes the GTFO moments obtainable (that’s if I don’t forget to turn off the MWD). EHP varies, depending on which program does the calculation, which can be from 10-17000.

Ruptures with Autocannons would be as effective, albeit with less punch. Neuts would need to be used. Of course, if neuts were applied to any of the cruiser setups, the cruiser will probably be in trouble. More than once have I had to slowboat out of neut range to stay alive. If your ship isn’t on fire, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Fly like it’s WWII in the Pacific.