Well, it’s time to clean up my blogroll

2nd Anamoly Fron the Left (Orakkus) – Gone

A Mule in Eve (Manasi) – Left EVE

A Scouts Domain (LumenariousRex) – Gone

Hands Off, My Loots (Cyberin) – Hasn’t posted since March 2nd, gonna take him off.

Life in Low Sec (Mynxee) – Pretty much retired from EVE as she is pursuing other things.

Python Cartel (Defenders of Pen Island) and Helicity Boson, Khanid Pirate – Helicity got perma-banned, which was the last nail in Python’s coffin.

Skyes Super Happy Fun Pirating Blog! Wait what? (Andrea Skye) – No posts since last year.

And some that were in my personal queue and not listed on the site:

 Eve Newb (Spectre3353) – Perpetual “I’m gonna quit guy” who last posted last year.

 Tul’s Space Stories (Tul Kezad) – A promising blog that didn’t make it.

Wherever I May Roam (Yargok) – Left EVE, with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Tech 2 Duct Tape – Another good blog no longer updated.

Kirith Darkblade Eve Pirate – Almost a year since last update.

Where the Frak is My Ship? – On hiatus from EVE.

Rum and Ransom – No longer being updated

Rustbucket Outlaw – Gone.

The Wandering Druid of Tranquility (Ga’Len) – This one made me a sad panda. Retiring from EVE.

If you don’t see it, well, stare a bit longer. You can see the sailboat if you just look beyond the image.

I will be adding new links, soon. I just wanted to give these guys a nice send off. Farewell fellow bloggers and capsuleers. You will be missed.

Fly like you haven’t quit.