What do a Hurricane, a Drake, a Pilgrim and a Vagabond have in common?

They all cloak.

Yes. in Curse, everything cloaks, evidently.

Wanting to get in some pew-pew, I log in to find a fleet up camping a gate in Curse. After the standard process of joining the fleet, I settle in in my light tackle Incursus. We waited, hoping the American Independence Day holiday would bring tons of traffic.

Well, it did bring tons of traffic, in nice 30+ ship fleets. Not something our bubble fleet was equipped to handle. Of course, we employed the tactic of “running like screaming little girls” and sat at tacticals and safes for that kind of fleet. During an extended time away from the bubble as two of the big fleets clashed on the opposite side of the system, I sat at a deep on-grid near the bubble, keeping tabs on traffic, perhaps maybe getting the drop on a panicky passerby.

Then I saw it: a Pilgrim had hit the bubble. But this pilot was not with one of the fleets. He and his alliance buddies in Sedition had been around our home system, and I guess he either forgot or was trying to entice an attack. I relayed the information to the FC. We’d see more of him.

Once the bubbled gate became manageable again, we took station on our camp. Our Pilgrim friend was still in system, most likely hanging out around our bubble. Intel began chirping away with the fact that a Vagabond and a Stilleto were next door, hanging out near the gate. We knew they were going to make a play.

The Vaga came in system, and they started their game. The Pilgrim decloaked. I rushed to it, as there was some hesitation wether or not we should fall for this “trap”. Our interceptor pilot as well as our other light tackle engaged and held. The fight was on.

There was difficulty in getting jams on the Pilgrim from our ECM support, but he was able to jam the Vaga. He also had the Stiletto as well once they moved into position. The Pilgrim had drones out and was neuting our interceptor. Fortunately ECM was able to get a jam cycle in to let him recover. The drones, however, were mad.

Damage was coming into the Pilgrim as fast as we could deal with the three T-1 frigates plus a stealth bomber. The armor tank was holding on the Pilgrim about 50% when we started to lose tackle. I was well into structure when I finally gave up and warped out, alerting the FC of my intentions. The order was given for the remaining crew to bail if they haven’t already, as a 4th ship, a Drake, was entering the field. All ships got away. No kills, but no losses. A gf was had in local as I received reps to patch up the 77% of hull I was missing.

You think this would be the end of this story, but no.

Our foes decided to stay on our bubble…….cloaked. The Drake took position and hid. The Pilgrim warped into the bubble, decloaking the Drake. They both cloaked back up. Then the Vagabond. The inty pilot left system to return in a Hurricane, which approached our bubble and cloaked.

Four cloaked ships. On our bubble.

What were they thinking?

Of course, our bomber pilot/FC  saw everything from his perch. He relayed the information and we all had a laugh . This went on for some time. They claimed 8G in the name of Sedition, for what that was worth.

Fortunately, we weren’t missing any kills. I half wished one of those 30 man fleets would go slamming into the bubble and kill them. THAT would have been awesome.

FC had our inty pilot go to a tactical and pretend he’s “looking for them” by jetting off toward planet VI. That feint didn’t work . We toyed with the idea of blowing up the bubble. We didn’t have enough DPS from the lone stealth bomber. A second bomber moved into position, but then again, bubbles are tough. Our bomber decloaked and targeted cans. Their fleet decloaked, most likely thinking it was a bombing run. A few cans down, but the fleet re-cloaked in position.

The inty was directed to MWD through the bubble. They would have no chance in catching him. He did as instructed. No one decloaked.

Then, the idea was hatched. Maybe we could steal our bubble back by having the inty zip in to unanchor it, then zip back and pick it up. Could it work?

Everyone listened in to the play-by-play as inty-man flew in and unanchored the bubble. He zipped back out. When the bubble was down, he flew in again. Now, of course, it takes a little more piloting skill to pick up a bubble doing Mach V, and he did bounce around a little. The Pilgrim decloaked and chased, but our man got away with our bubble safely in his hold.


That fleet cloaked back up in that position.

Without a bubble.


Their fleet eventually moved on after they gave some lack-luster smack talk in local. We had won: we lost no ships to their trap, we got our bubble back, and we held our system.

Nice work guys. And crazy-ass work by our Inty man.