Well, I saw this coming alright.

Read here.

And here.

And here.

And here.

Shall I continue? It seems the pointless addition of Aurum and Noble Exchange has really pushed the button of a number of pod pilots. The items are evidently extremely eff’n expensive, even for vets.

That’s right. So, my take of the vanity items charade having a high entry fee was only partially correct. Not only is there a high buy-in, the ante is much, much higher.

Noble Exchange = CCP Elitism.

It is starting to make sense: The allowed proliferation of Macro miners, the big alliances with monstrous supercap fleets, the oddball nerfs and now super-Beverly Hills-only online store….EVE’s sandbox isn’t. It is a rich man’s playground. It isn’t what one person can do to affect the outcome. The outcome is given, depending on wallet size.

I didn’t even look at the Noble Store (honestly, I tried bumping around in my Quarters to find it, but decided to try to get in on a Curse kill….only missing it to shoot a cyno ship). However, methinks I don’t even need to. If a monocle costs $70…what in the Universe would a paint job for a Megathron cost????

Then again, it never really interested me in the first place. And I am not in rage-quit mode over it at all….just realizing what side my bread is buttered on.

I think I am gonna go shoot up shit tonight. And log out in space.