Well, Incarna arrives today….so, some thoughts on things…

Now, I have read over the Patch notes. No surprises there except for the unscannable ship.

Yes, the verbiage is “unscannable“. Does that mean via directional scanner or combat probes? I really wish we stayed with a lexicon that is consistent. I went apeshit over my misunderstanding of the 64 AU scanner, all because of this inability to tell what is what.

If it IS about combat probing, I am assuming that now it is possible to get 100% hits on ships (there is math involved based on skills and stuff, but we’re not going to discuss that). I don’t like that idea, but it isn’t a game breaker. Just another NNR – Nerf for No Reason.

I am also not too concerned about the Aurum and ships store/micro-transaction concept. At least not in the concern pilots have about breaking the sandbox. It is a money grab for CCP, nothing more. And as long as it is for vanity shit, I don’t care.

I don’t understand, though, why anyone would want to trade in a PLEX for 2500 Aurum. Yuhp, that’s the exchange rate: 330,000,000 ISK for 2500 AUR. Of course, you can’t go in for 1/4 PLEX or 1/5 PLEX, only whole PLEXs. Hmmmmmmmm. 330 million ISK buys a lot of T-1 ships. It buys nicely fitted T-2 ships. It buys a lot of fun. Or…it can buy some new clothes for walking around in stations.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Methinks CCP does not understand it’s player base at all.

CCP has been singing praises of their New Player Experience. Well, I guess new players won’t be able to experience the in station marketplace. You think a new player would spend their first 330 million on vanity items? Or would they spend it on the fitted Hulk they need to make Iskies?

So, it’s either the rich man’s or EVE vet’s playground….just like Supercaps and such are. I know that I cannot afford to keep myself in ships AND buy shit in Aurum. It doesn’t make sense.

EVE has always had the “entry level” items players can get. Meta 0 mods cost 20 k ISK. Want something better? Named? 2 mil ISK. Tech II? 20 Mil. Faction? 200 mil. There was always a stepping stone you could use. Every player could afford a gun, just that it may not be as shiny as the next guy’s. With AUR and the vanity items, buy-in is at 330 mil for starters.

Funk dat.

It is obvious to me that CCP believes everyone flies in mega corps and everyone has a bank account of a few billion. They must. Or the PLEX hurdle wouldn’t exist.


Fly….but standby for bugs.