I just read over at 2nd Anomaly from the Left that there’s a new patch coming… Shit!

Yeah, you know me: I stay away from the forums. Besides, knowing what’s coming and being unable to do anything about it is just a recipe for frustration and stomach ulcers. As I’ve said before, I rely on my fellow bloggers to keep me updated. So, here’s my take on things to come: (I copypasta’d this from Orakkus’s blog, so I hopefully removed his commentary. I just don’t have access to the EVE websites right now. Apologies -Ze)

CHANGES: to be graded….


  • Unique icons have been created for Blueprint originals and Blueprint copies so you can visibly differentiate between them.

-Needed. Hopefully killmails will reflect this, too, and we can get credit for blueprint original/copy drops. +1

Need for Speed

  • We have enhanced the profiling suite which gives us better eyes on the server and what it is executing. This functionality allows us to view what actions cause specific issues and provides us with graphical representations. In short, this is good for Team Gridlock who love to fight lag and keep hamsters alive.

– Meh. Behind-the-scenes tools are just that: tools. Let’s hope they use them properly. 0


  • The capabilities of the onboard scanner have been substantially increased. The range is now 64 AU and the delay to return results is only 10 seconds.

FUCKING BULLSHIT ON A STICK. More to follow. Should be graded minus bazillion. -1  Confused onboard scanner with driectional scanner. Ze FAIL.

  • Ships with jumpdrives are now unable to use jump bridges with the exception of ships belonging to the Black Ops ship category.

– I can go either way on this. I am not familiar enough with big-ass internet spaceships to know the extent of this nerf and what it means. 0

Agents & Missions

  • Agent Quality has been removed meaning that all Agents are now +20 in terms of payout and -20 in terms of access.

– Hmmmm……….nope, don’t like it. Agents in low-sec? Not needed. Makes for a lazy capsuleer. You can sit in your low-travel, hi sec system and run high quality missions. Lame. Carebear win x1000. -1

  • Agent Divisions have been simplified from 20 down to just 3. The new Security, Distribution and Mining divisions now provide uniform types of missions instead of a mission type that was percentage based.

-Had to think about this one for a minute. Positive: no more goddamned courier missions when you want pew-pew. Minus: No more strategy involved with multiple agents and risking standing to deny that second mission. More lazy Carebears. 0


  • Accompanying the changes to Agent Divisions, seven ‘Connection’ skills will be removed. The skill books of the old connection skills will be replaced with their new equivalents which are listed below. Players who have the old skills already trained will have those skills removed and receive replacement skillbooks in the hangar of their home station and have the skillpoints reimbursed.

– *Sigh* More taking away skills. So, I am going to get skillbooks stuck in a station that I’m 36 jumps from. Dandy. Resetting of existing skills when I possibly could need to use them right now (I don’t, but still). Peachy. How do you get skillpoints “reimbursed”? Points I can add to any skill? I hope so. However, it is a fail… -1

  • Bureaucratic Connections and Financial Connections will be replaced with Distribution Connections.
  • High Tech Connections, Military Connections and Political Connections will be replaced with Security Connections.
  • Labor and Trade Connections will be replaced with Mining Connections.

– All meh. Matching with the above simplification. 0 x 3

Science & Industry

  • When attempting to start a Manufacturing job without all the required materials, the quote window now retains focus. A refresh button has been added so that you can add the correct amount of materials and proceed without having to restart the process.

– Minor annoyance fix, but ok. +1


  • The Incursion Global Report featured the label ‘System Control’, this has been renamed to the more accurate description ‘Constellation Control’.
  • Incursion Encounters reward graphs featured the label ‘Reward payout ratio’ which has been re-named with the more accurate label ‘Reward Multiplier’.

-Don’t care. Incursions suck. 0

User Interface

  • The scroll position in the fleet window now retains or returns to its previous position when fleet members join, leave or move.

-Needed for large fleets. +1

  • When holding down ‘alt’, your probes will scale around the center, making it easier to adjust them. A green line has added to make it more intuitive.

-Not sure what this is trying to fix. Scale around center? Don’t all probes scale around their respective centers? I only have issues when one probe decides to scale and the others do not, but that is a rare occurance. Green line? Multicolored probe options would be better for those who use nested probes. 0

  • The Fleet History tab has been re-worked and streamlined so that instead of multiple tabs, there is now a single tab with filter options.

-Never been an issue with me. 0

  • When opening Fleet from the Neocom, you’ll be taken directly to the fleet finder.

-Single click slight annoyance, really not worthy of a “fix”. 0

  • Information on a pilot’s standings towards NPC corporations is no longer visible from ‘Show Info’. You now see the standings information between you and the other pilot and the factions you each belong to.

-Does anyone use this? Really? 0

FIXES Will not be graded…..

Exploration & Deadspace

  • Several Sansha agents had infiltrated cosmic anomaly locations in Serpentis claimed space. The Serpentis have now regained control from these rogue elements.
  • One anomaly site could not be detected from a type of Infrastructure Hub upgrade. This lost site can now be located properly.
  • The DED Complexes, Blood Raider 9 of 10 and Serpentis 8 of 10, have been examined and now work correctly.

User Interface

  • The fleet icon that indicates that loot-logging is enabled has been removed since loot-logging is always enabled.
  • A re-sized contract window would reset to the default size each time a contract was opened. The contract window now retains the adjusted size.
  • Some entries in the Attributes tab in Show Info windows were previously formatted in unintuitive ways, such as ‘Can’t be activated in warp: 1’, or were missing their units, such as ‘Fuel required: 30,000’. Many of these have now been tidied up, so for example they now read ‘Can’t be activated in warp: True’ and ‘Fuel required: 30,000 units’


  • Several changes for consistency and linguistic issues have been made throughout the game for both the German and Russian clients.
  • The fleet UI has been revised for consistency and linguistic issues in the German client
  • The translation of ‘warp’, in the Russian client, is now complemented with the original term in parentheses wherever it has been deemed important for communication with English-speaking players.
  • For consistency and stylistic reasons, the terminology for Drones in the market categories has been revised in the German client. In addition, all drone related text has been revised for consistency and linguistic issues.
  • Terms changed are:
    • Fighters – Jäger
    • Fighter Bombers – Jagdbomber
    • Medium Scout Drones – Mittlere Aufklärungsdrohnen
    • Drone Upgrades – Drohnenupgrades
    • Combat Utility Drones – Kampfunterstützungsdrohnen
    • Logistic Drones – Versorgungsdrohnen

The Fixes portion is ok. No major fixes or WTFs here.

Accumulated score: 0. +1

I guess I should have added a weighted scale to that. But, even though I know it’s broken, I’ll publish it. Sound familiar, CCP?

The biggest and most glaring issue I have is the 64AU/10 second “feature” of ship scanners. And I am very, very pissed about it. Why?

  1. 64 AU is HUUUUUUUGE. Suns will become even more popular places to hang out because you can scan a whole system from there. No more distant, out of the way planets and belts. A large number of systems will be completely scannable from the gate. Bullshit. That’s what probes are for. Deep safes won’t be able to hide your ship-type. Setec Astronomy…and CCP wants you to know them.
  2. Why stop at 64? Why not total system scanners, which I have mentioned before? Since everyone shows up in local, you should know all the ships and other space junk in system from any area. You should also be able to scan from within stations.
  3. The use of km instead of AU. Unless you’re super close, all distances are in AU except the onboard scanner. So, instead of 14 tiers of km, should I remember 64 x 149,598,000 km, or 9,574,272,000 total??
  4. 10 seconds is a freaking lifetime in EVE. 10 second align times in cruisers gets you killed. 10 seconds to rescan will get you killed. This gives a HUGE advantage to probing ships, which already were too powerful IMHO. A competent prober can have his setup to nail anything near gates or celestials within a few seconds, and have the probes out of the way before the sap knew it. Read this blog to find out how a pro does it. Wormhole space is now a death-trap.
  5. This solves no problems. What…so…ever.

It’s just there to piss me off.

Well, crap. I just can’t wait for this update. Joy. Minecraft is pretty entertaining, ya know.

Fly like you’re 65 AU from everything.

****Edit: As I was informed, I confused directional scan with on-board scanner. Shows how much I use THAT thing. So, yes, I am full of FAIL. I thank my commenters for setting me straight. Good work.

So, hmm….I guess the update really doesn’t mean shit to me. Oh well….

Fly like it is another edit *******