I have noticed a trend of fellow bloggers burning out. Not from blogging, but from EVE itself.

Manasi.  Cozmik R5. Mynxee. Orakkus. There are many others.

Some have left due to school pressures; some have left due to financial or job problems. Some are opening up new lives, with new careers or marriages. And some, well, are just tired of the game. Not all are on permanent hiatus, but they aren’t flying today.

Why do people burn out? I have observed individuals running 3 clients on 3 seperate machines with a total of 6 screens, playing active combat characters. I will play my second account, usually in a support role (scout, logistics, ore hauler, etc). And that is tough. Too much can fry you.

There are those who seem to be constantly on. Their RL world allows them such luxuries (or is it a curse?). They’re able to rack up bajillions of kills, or they trade like Trump.

Perhaps too much of a fun thing makes it a chore. Some players get pushed into administrative roles, like maintaining alliances and such. That sounds like work to me, and I don’t want to play a game to work.

There’s the common question asked of “What brings players to EVE”? I ask, “What makes players leave”?

There’s always the rage quit: the pilot who just can’t hack it in EVE, or the guy who is so pissed at CCP and their tomfoolery that they jettison their account, always without giving away their stuff. More than burnout, more than finances, and more than RL schedules, I think that CCP itself is pushing away the most players, the players who helped make New Eden what it is: great. They rely on the CSM sideshow to cover the bases of player happiness, but CSM 5 proved that even a serious-minded CSM could do little or nothing to influence Iceland. And CSM 6? Well, they’re more like a sit-com that just isn’t funny.

CCP has to seriously fuck up to run ol’ Ze off. But it isn’t beyond my imagination that they could. And a lot of little errors can and will lead to one massive OMFGWTFBBQ Fuckup of the ages. I play Minecraft, and will probably play other MMPORGS along the way. Hopefully it won’t be because CCP bet the farm on obvious FAILS like Dust 514 and ridiculous nerfs of integral game mechanics (jump bridges, I’m looking at you).

Fly like you enjoy the game, not because the game is there.