Suckers! You forum hounds got burned!

Ok, enough of the gloating. I HATE the forums. Alway have, always will. Why? Because there’s like .05% useful information in there, and the rest is blabbering nonsensical bullshit. I shouldn’t be forced to find tidbits of important information by wading through all that content, sticky or not.

Yeah, yeah, I write a blog. But you can choose to read it or not. And you know damn well that this is my opinion and thoughts. You shouldn’t expect to read Gospel here. And I shit-can any comments I deem unfit.

If you haven’t heard, the new fangled EVE forums were poorly developed, allowing TONS of holes for hackers to utilize. In other words, in looks like it was a junior high school project and not something a leading internet MMO company produced. Fine for an in-school forum about what is on Tuesday’s lunch menu (roast over rice, green beans, roll, salad bar, milk or water, cookie), but absolutely the wrong thing for the the rest of the world.

CCP – Protip: Internet is not intranet. Think beyond the firewall.

I also understand Scrapheap Challenge’s board got hacked, too. Anoter fail.

 My corp uses a board to pass on information to corp members. For a relatively small corp, there are pages and pages, and more being written everyday. For a large gaming community, the same ratio makes for an astronomical amount of stuff to sort through. I don’t need that, nor do I use that. I actually utilize the blogs of some very, very smart players who sift through it for me and give me the tl;dr versions. And I thank them for it.

What CCP needs to implement is something like CNN Headline news of yore, when you could see the same story every half hour. That’d be cool.

So, I am kinda glad in a little sick and twisted way that the forums are fail. I don’t use them, and I glad I didn’t.


I graduated from OUCH! I also have notched a few kills and am now part of the Operations Department. I plan to hang on for a while. Think of it as post-grad work.

Fly like your cookies aren’t hacked-


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