My role in a fleet.

I have achieved a great deal since my last update. I was able to do the student graduation run through null-sec. It took me 4.5 hours out of the 5 alloted, but I didn’t rush. Rush in null is bad. Rushing leads to mistakes which leads to loss of ships. If there is a gang on the gate, wait. If they jump through, wait. They’re waiting on the other side for you. If you see an interdictor on scan and then can’t see it anymore, wait. He’s on the gate waiting for you. Patience.

I had a cloak fitted Incursus. No warp stabs (stabs kill kitties…not the belief of our corp, but still). So, I might cloak up, note local, scan some in a safe, and play Minecraft. Seriously. Or read blogs. Scan, watch, play, scan, watch, read, scan, scan, scan……

I also have temporarily moved out to null. Null is a wild place. And I like it. Everyone is a target (except the blues, of course). Do I try to shoot that guy, or do I run away? Most often, I run. A solo frigate fit to student specs in O.U.C.H. is not a solo machine. It is designed to be the secondary tackle in a gang.

Secondary tackle, whats that? Secondary tackle. Secondary-not primary. Tackle- dude ain’t going nowhere. The role of secondary tackle is actually quite valuable in a small gang, and I am not saying it just because that what my ship’s role is. A primary tackler is a very fast, very quick-to-lock type ship. Typically, though, those ships do not have much tank. If they get targeted, they will have to rely on their speed to avoid damage and use their guns on drones. The secondary’s job is to come in, still fast, but to supplement the tackle and apply more points, in case the primary has to leave the field due to damage, or lose lock due to ECM or going out of range. Plus, I’m a cheap fit. If they wanna focus fire on me, so be it. I am usually also tasked with drone duty as well. My fast tracking little rails just love Warrior IIs.

In this role, I have been on numerous kill-mails (link to follow, our kb is down at the moment). And I felt valuable in almost every kill. All of the kills have been using a anchored warp bubble on a gate, or using an interdictor and it’s capabilities.

And, boy howdy, do I loooove ECM. Keeping a Blackbird or two in your pocket is worth a dozen other ships. I don’t fly Caldari, but I might switch over to them. We’ll see. WOWSA.

I went into structure during one engagement, streaking across space on fire with a horde of drones following. Fortunately, since I drug the drones out of the engagement area, the pilot withdrew the remaining ones (I popped one). He eventually left the field as my fleet members had gained the upper hand.

I love it. I even FC’d a small gang of 4 frigates and a noobship on a bubble. YEs, we had fun. (again, links to follow). Noobships on kills is just funny. We tried to engage a Dramiel, but I had given an order to warp out but did not follow. I went in to engage due to some miscommunication. Plus, I was bloodthirsty (it was a slow night anyway). We lost 2 frigates and the noobship this way. But we didn’t care.

Why? Because we were having FUN. I have been enjoying myself immensely since I joined this corp. And I have learned a bit. And am still learning.

Anyway, I will post more After-action kind of things from now on, hopefully. I have to balance the juicy fun stuff against withholding certain tactical information and location that might comprimise our operation. We don’t have secrets, but I would rather you find out on your own what we’re doing specifically.

Fly like it is truly a fun game-