Some corp fun and some bookmarking.

To have a little fun, OUCH decided to take some time off from training and host a frigate free-for-all. The idea is a battle-royal between participants in T-1 frigates. All Meta 0 mods. No ECM mods. Shoot and shoot some more. I, unfortunately, was the first man out, but it was a good comraderie builder as well as valuable PvP experience.

But, it was back to training for me. I unfortunately missed out on some training modules by taking too long of a nap midday. As things slowed, I started making bookmarks in neighboring low and null security areas. Yes, ol’ Ze was out in the wild, wild 0.

It was fairly quiet in the systems I visited. I made gate tacticals as well as station tacticals, with a smattering of different safe spots. The gate tacticals provide a place for me to warp to and investigate the gate. I am far enough away to avoid most bubble placements and baddies, while giving me a place to view the gate and assess what is going on. I then can warp in from there.

And, no, I won’t disclose my distances or locations 😉

Students in low and null sec are required to be in T-1 frigates. I just used the student fit ships, with the addition of a MWD and cloak. This way, I can sit at a safe if it gets too hot and not have to worry about probes.

So, that’s it. I will continue to work my way into deeper 0 space. I have some more student modules to do as well.


I need to get into some fights. But, I will pick and choose them. No Leeroy Jenkins here. I need to have a GF, not get blobbed or outmatched. No shuttles or noobships, either, although if they aren’t blue…..well, you know. NBSI.

I have met some corpmates that were in the same program I was in in the military. Great minds think alike, evidently.

Just a bit of an update, not much else to report.

Fly like they’re all not blue.