The Hulkageddon 4 prizes have been awarded!

Congratulations goes out to deerslayer for winning our donated prize of a Navy Vexor for the first Hulk kill in 1.0. Make sure you share it with your crew.

Hulkageddon Orphanage came in 4th, which is outstanding considering that the vast majority of folks in the Orphanage are non-pro gankers. Well done! Next time, we ought to strive for 3rd, if Hardee is still in corp. To note, the Orphanage’s ISK/kill was relatively low, but we didn’t have a lot of industrial/freighter ganks, which bumps of the ISK damage dealt.

Hardee RR ended up 143rd on the overall kill list with 10 ( that’s 143rd out of 953, or top 15%). Hardee was 164th in ISK loss dealt (1,428,360,780 ISK , top 17%), mainly due to focusing on Retrievers at the end. He was also 119th out of 526 for final blows dealt (5). I do not know how he faired in solo kills, but 3 ought to be a decent number.

But, the big news is………………………………………………..

Zurakaru Ze is no longer a Director in Zurakaru LTD.

I grabbed a handful of frigates, left Ekuenbiron, and headed waaay down to Berta to join O.U.C.H. (Open University of Celestial Hardship). Black Claw is my new CEO in this null-sec training corp and alliance. I want to learn skills, PVP and otherwise, to make my EVE time more fun. My long term goal may not be to return to ZTD, but to venture out and maybe join an active null-sec corp.

I was able to start my learning modules fairly quickly. One of our instructors held class over the weekend, so I got to jump in right away. The training, well, is pretty basic, BUT it is supposed to be. This training assumes everyone is a beginner and brings you up together, SO I expect to know a bit more than a 6 month old character or 3 week old. We covered basic fleet ops (FC commands and movement), HUD/overview setup, and client settings. The overview settings are taking time to get used to, and I am still tweaking them a bit towards my old setup. However, I will have all the information necessary and required in view.

Client settings are the recommendations for minimals to relieve strain on the client during fleet ops. This makes perfect sense, and I will follow the requirements MINUS turning off the sound (look at me, a rebel!). It drove me nuts flying around with only TeamSpeak in my ear. I have gotten so used to warp sounds, targeting, incoming fire sounds, etc, that I felt “blind” without it. I do turn it down compared to voice, but I have to have it. If it does interfere with ops, I’ll can it, but with headphones, a quad-core gaming rig with (older) high end nVidia cards in SLI, I think I can enjoy the sweet sounds of EVE, minus the ethereal music.

I have a number of modules to go, so it it will become progreesively more difficult. To graduate there is no thesis. It’s a capstone course, and it’s called a run through 0.0, with screen captures required in certain areas (location+time). I can’t wait for that. I enjoy challenges like that, especially of the solo variety.

In the mean time, I hope to do some jaunts with my new corp mates as well as try to figure out how to make some dough while in the Berta area. I am debating of having Kino haul my mining gear down (30 jumps), or just paying a freighter service to move all my goodies. We’ll see. Berta is high traffic, and not my ideal mining system. A decent amount of blues, but no where near a majority.

Listening in to Corp and Alliance ops on TS3 has been pretty cool. I got to hear a bubble camp work their magic. I actually felt sorry for their prey at some points: they were just overmatched. Nice.

There is a T-1 frigate free-for-all dogfight coming up. I am studying fits and I will see if I can field some Gallente strength to challenge all the Rifter fits. I hope to be available to play. I have two options being considered, and will need to test them out to see if EFT damage matches ingame damage.

Now, I will have to load EFT and EVEmon on a non-client machine. Almost immediately after I loaded EFT to my main machine a while back, my account was hacked (and a TROJAN appeared….grrr). I am not saying that one was the result of the other, but I am not taking any chances. I have a nice notebook machine that is begging to be used, and so it shall.

Well, that’s all for this update. I’ll write more about OUCH as my training progresses. I have a few more non-Ouch posts I need to get in in the meantime…as well as fly….and mow the lawn, and play with the kid, and cook dinner, and…..and…..and….etc………………

Fly like you are in a new adventure


1337 EHP