Hulkageddon 4 is now over…and how did it go?

Well, it went ok for Hardee. Fewer kills than last time, but he didn’t run with the real pro crew like then. I also was ill the first few days and couldn’t fly for half of it. However, the kills were fun, and that is all that matters. His sec status is a pleasant -3.39, so that gives him plenty of room to play. He spent most of yesterday moving out of his Hulkageddon base back to his ratting base. Now, only the future knows what Hardee will be up to.

It wasn’t until reading this post that Hardee realized he could kill Retrievers solo. So, he went out and got some solo goodies! His most favorite? This dual armor repping Retriver. Yes, dual armor repping. Dual….armor….repping. He needed to be killed. It took three volleys of arties, though, and we weren’t sure we were going to make it. Fortunately it was a 0.5 system.

Shar Sharin got in a few kills, but no where near the amount of Sa’id Sa’id. I was actually dual boxing, so Shar didn’t get any “solo” time. We just needed the extra firepower at the time. So, overall, 12 kills vice 22, but 3 were solo. I’ll take the solos anytime. Next ‘geddon, Hardee will solo much more.

Hardee also FC’d some. The first night of FC’ing went very poorly with a few attempts but no kills (we ran into some language barrier issues and could not use voice. Our non-English folks just didn’t “get it”). The second time was much, much better. 3 attempts, 3 kills. Voice coms and excellent fleet chat etiquette. That was an awesome crew, and I thank you guys.

I got in on the action the first night using his cloaky ships as scouts. I think there were 5 attempts with 3 kills. There was some coordination issues within the fleet. But, we got them kills!

Miners, for the most part, appeared to be much more aware. Bots were out, so that made some targets easy to get. In fact, we were able to kill one we had failed to kill a GCC prior. It was nice. We saw some nice tactics involving Orcas, where the pilot sits right next to the Orca and docks the Hulk before targeting. Very smooth.

Hardee is famous. Someone got some fraps of a kill or two, so here they are:

This one is me helping someone pod a bot that stayed on the field for 3 hours. Who would of thought blowing up the Hulk would break the bot… 😉


I experimented with a heavily tanked Iteron 4. I loaded the ship up with exotic dancers, spirits, spiced wine, guns, and smokes, then ran from Amarr to Jit to Rens to Oursalaert to Hek and back to Jita. Many times. Over the whole week. On Autopilot. No takers. I even unstacked everything just to make sure something would drop. Of course, with the tank, we topped out at about 9100 EHP, with 50%+ EM resist in shields and armor, so it wasn’t going to be easy. Just not financially worth the firepower. Ze was just hoping for a Hulkageddon 4 gank, with the rewards for the gankers.

 Now, wI did learn that small arms are a no no in Caldari space. Never been stopped like that. Made the mistake of trying to warp out of the stasis field the Customs Agent had me in, which prevented me from jettisoning the guns. It took a log in after a 15 minute wait to figure than out. Those guns were replaced with the high-tech small arms, which are legal.


Big changes are coming. Stay tuned.

Fly as though Hulkageddon is still ongoing


Jita traffic during Hulkageddon4