It is about time I updated my blog roll. Here’s who I’m reading and why…

Hallan Turrek A Merry Life and a Short One. Hallan is a former member of the Bastards and Noir. So, THAT resume’ alone should make you want to visit. This guy writes extremely well, and changes his approach in Eve just enough to keep things new and fresh. He also has a GREAT bomber guide.

Manasi A Mule In Eve. Manasi is a director in Ceptacemia, which is a corp that is/was part of Systematic-Chaos (disbanding), which was associated with the IT Alliance (which is currently imploding). That amount of drama alone makes for a good read, but Manasi has far much more to offer. He’s been in-game forever, and has a great insight on what 0.0 life should be. Now, as of his latest update, he might be on the move, so a new adventure is beginning. Start reading!

Lumenarious Rex A Scout’s Domain. Rex has great knowledge of scouting. I have missed the last few months of his blog for some strange reason. Oh, wait, he hadn’t written in a few months. No matter, he has started again and the content is great. His blog was one of the first ones I started reading before I came into the EVE universe.

CrazyKinux CrazyKinux’s Musing. CK is the self-titled godfather of EVE blogging. He basically runs a clearinghouse of blogs, among other things. He maintains two blog lists: The “elite” EVE Online Blog Pack, and a general EVE Online Player Blogs. The Blog Pack is a list of what he views as the best blogs out there, and he is pretty much right. However, this has caused some controversy in the past, but you cannot deny the quality of those included. CK writes about in-game stuff as well as gaming in general, which is a bit of a put off for me. However, you just have to include CK in your list because of his reputation and the amount of information he has access to.

 Eve fail. I have no idea the in-game name of this writer, but it doesn’t matter. If you like to hear about BIG ships and BIG battles in DEEP 0.0, then this is the blog for you. I think I started reading this around the time of the famous D-GTMI super-battle (crap, I’m re-reading it)

Kishin Hattori Journeys of a Baroque Pilot. A neighbor of mine in Verge Vendor, Kishin is a pirate with the Tuskers. Swashbuckling adventure is afoot! Easy to read and fun.

Paul Clavet, et al My Loot, Your Tears. Paul is the epitome of ninja thief & tear extractor. Asscoiated with Suddenly Ninjas, he does what I would love to, but probably could never do: steal, lie, deceive, and cheat. The stories are absolutely hilarious and entertaining. It’s akin to watching a gangster flick. Yeah, they’re bad guys, but you love them and want them to win. From ninja salvaging to corporate theft, this blog has it all. Captain Charismatic and Khalia Nestune contribute to the fun.

Cyberin Hands Off, My Loots!. What’s a ninja blog without another ninja blog? Cyberin is funny and fun, and his antics rival that of Paul’s. One of my favorite reads.

Wensley Rifter Drifter. Bang bang, pew pew. More bang bang, pew pew. Oh god, is this a fun blog. Flying around in space, Wensley shoots things. A lot. His writing is full of detail, and keeps me riveted. I admit I have even printed a few pages so I can read them on the can.

00sage00 Yarrbear Tales. 00sage00 is streaky when it comes to posting, but who isn’t? I mean, we writing about internet spaceships, not about world events or religion. Good insight and funny.

Flashfresh Flashfresh the Pirate. Yarr, heave-to, you scalliwag, and prepare to be boarded. A Bastard, his is truly a pirate blog. Drunken flying, pewing, more drunken flying, blowing up, more drinking…wait, I see a pattern….

Kane Rizzel Kane Rizzel. More pirate glory, with lots of fitting suggestions

haav0c ,et al K162 Space. I am not sure of how many authors there are (I think 2), but that isn’t important. I fell behind in this blog during my slight EVE hiatus, but that is ok. This is a great blog concerning wormholes, and has links to a wonderful wormhole guide if you are so inclined. Since reading this blog, I haven’t been popped in wormhole space (not invincible, I’m just less stupid). Great information.

Black Claw The Travels of Black Claw. Black Claw is another one of those guys who have been in-game forever, it seems. He is the CEO of OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship), which is an open “let’s throw you into the fire and flames of 0.0 and show you how to survive” school. Pay close attention to this page about that one…hint hint. Yeah, I am thinking I am going down to Derelik for some training….stay tuned for that.

Orakkus 2nd Anamoly From the Left. Superior EVE insight with some fiction thrown in (not a fan of any fiction, so I won’t gush over this part). 0.0 and large alliance fun.

Easley Thames Could Have Taken it Solo. Thsi by far is the most well written 0.0 blog out there. Just…go…enjoy it.

Miura Bull Brutor Bullfighter. I just started following this blog, so I have a bunch to catch up on. His profile says it all: SECURITY STATUS: -10 Notes: Minmatar Citizenship has been revoked – Piracy, murder, hijacking, illegal booster use, narcotics offences, battery, unlawful use of a side-arm, flying without due care and attention. Refuses to abide by CONCORD sanctioned laws. Dangerous, approach with caution.

Python Cartel (combined set of blogs, among other things) Python Cartel. The GMs seem to just love this corp. *ahem* Penis penis penis penis penis penis penis…

Keith Neilson I am Keith Neilson A super professional blog. Lot’s of good information about EVE, both in game and out. I’m not too thrilled about the layout, but the blog is just too good to bitch about that.

Perseus Kallistratos Aggressive Tendencies. If you like PvP or if you just like reading about it, then this is the place for you. 0.0 fighting.

That’s all I will list for now…my next step is to update the links to the right —>


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