I finally figure out a way to capture one of the new portraits.

 So, here we go. First up, Ze:


I wanted to keep the same profile. I like how there is shadow on one side fo his face. Naturally, as Ze’s personality developed, he needed to appear as more of a pretty boy, with a slight hint of a grin mixed with a possible not-so-nice workings. He still seems a bit cartoonish, IMHO, but I am ok with the result.


The first image of Kino was just something slapped together. Dumb and silly, Kino’s personality has really developed into something more stern. In keeping with the psuedo role-play, he needed to look somewhat like Ze, but more dignified as the elder brother should be.

Zhon k’Zura

 I went in a different direction with Zhon completely. Instead fo the bitter and resentful character I had originally created, Zhon turned out to be very docile. Yes, she’s upset she lost her parents in an Amarr attack on an escape freighter, but that turmoil is buried deep. She looks more like a Minmatar that grew up in a high society Gallentian household. I have some fiction writing ideas with her in mind, and that may be a project for the upcoming year (I write several different blogs on life and politics, so I don’t know if I will have the time.)

And finally, Hardee RR

I really liked the first Hardee. Everytime I see that portrait, I think “I’m the Firestarter”! The second is more docile, but allows a bit more character to be injected. I like the way his personality is developing, so we’ll see if I made the right choice. Oh, yeah, he IS shirtless, so I am waiting for CCP to tell me to slap a Haynes T on him.

I didn’t spend a ton of time on anyone outside of Zhon. There have been some neat looking toons out there, but I really don’t think this gadget was really necessary. Not yet, at least.


 What was going to happen with Hardee has been put on hold. Hardee is sitting at 2.5 million skillpoints (remember, learning skills are gone), so evidently that doesn’t qualify him for what I was wanting to do with him. He’ll be bound to low sec after Hulkageddon, so he might just solo it for another few months. Or he might just get offlined in a safe somewhere while I rethink that account.

However, Zurakaru Ze most likely will be leaving the comfy confines of Ekuenbiron and be headed out to get some PvP skills. This has to happen after Hulkageddon, so I can’t reveal what will transpire until then. However, it is an almost certain, and it will make some good writing. Stay tuned.


Not much else was going on this weekend. Ze got bored spinning his ship, so he decided to do a level one shooting mission in a Covetor. Actually, he did several. Then he got bored again, did a few level 2s and lost a Vexor in the process. Yeah, I know. Level 2. But this mission seemed a lot more difficult that the in the past. Multiple cruisers shooting different types of damage caught me off guard. And they shot ALL the drones. Didn’t seem like a level 2 at all. Oh well, so be it.

Zurakaru LTD has donated a prize to Hulkageddon 4! First Hulk kill in 1.0 space gets a shiny new Navy Vexor. Get involved and have fun!

Fly with a new face


BTW, found a new blog I like. This post on solo roams is good and dead on. I have ratted and FW’d in this area many, many times. Practically my back yard. A good read and I can’t wait for the next in the series.