Incursion nerf works wonders

After CCP kicked in the nerf on the Incursion missions, the Incursions were rapidly cleared up in constellation Araz then Obray. This suits me fine. I organized a corp mining mission in our home system. No macroers, no mega corps clearcutting the system. It was nice. We cleared about 50 million in ISK over a few hours, all in the Gallente hi-sec trinity of tritanium, pyrite, and mexallon. Not the most efficient way to make some ISK, but it was pleasant. No probers, no gankers, just a few plexers.

Of course, as things returned to normal, that quaintness was long gone. Maybe Incursions aren’t the worst thing, especially if you can get things done immediately after they clear. They do shake up the routine if you don’t leave system. We spent our time during the Incursion spinning ships, watching war chat, seeing what was needed. Someone needed to mine 2,700 m^3 of some ore for a mission. We offered up a tanked throw-away Retriever (and armor logistics) for the deed, but they went with a mining laser equipped Hurricane I believe. Outside of that, being only able to offer cruiser-sized (Oneiros  Exequror) armor logistics, we just weren’t needed, at least openly.

Hardee has pretty much given up ratting for the time being. His normal hunting grounds have been over-run with PvP pilots looking for an easy kill. Incursion had compressed a bunch of folk into a tight space (0.5 system with low sec on 2 gates, the third being Incursed. So, more folks spent time in the low sec areas, making it difficult to spend time ratting). Hardee made the long trip to our home system for some fitting checkouts in a Rupture.

The Rupture looks like a ship flying backwards. The huge quarterdeck (or, more accurately, the poop deck) makes little sense. It’d be cooler as a bridge, IMHO. The Flying 7 just doesn’t look right, kind of like a monstrous Star Trek TOS phaser. Oh well.

Hardee tried out both autocannon and artillery fits. The target was an Invulnerability field fitted, armor tanked Retriever that I flew. Different combinations of web, target painter, overheat, and such were tried. The alpha with arties evaporated the shields, but that was about it. We don’t know if we’d get a second volley. We let several volleys fly, and checked the time vs. damage. Hardee’s Thrasher fit will be hard to top with this setup, at least with Tech 1 gank throw-aways. IN a gang it will be great, regardless. Hardee is thinking ahead to post-Hulkageddon.

Yes, there are plans for Hardee in the future. I cannot discuss what they will be at this time (as nothing is set in stone), but the chances of Hardee pursuing a career outside the CONCORD law structure is a high possibility. If it were to happen, Zurakaru LTD will officially break ties with Hardee, and Hardee will probably end up with his own blog.


Our home system is 18 jumps from Jita. We had avoided Jita for the most part, as it is 1). In Caldari space, and our Factional Warfare participation made it very difficult and 2) laggy and full of ass hats being themselves. We normally did business in the smaller trade hubs, like Cistuvaert, Oursulaert, and Ghesis (in Amarr space, Hardee’s playground). We have moved things around to places like Dodixie. But, of course, there are some things in Jita that you can’t beat, and hi sec mineral prices are one of them.

What a slog that is. There are no shorter low sec routes, either. Now, it is better than the 23 jump hi sec haul to Ghesis, but at least there’s a short low sec cross which cuts that almost in half. No such luck going to Jita. Might as well be low sec, though. You are constantly targeted and scanned. How anyone moves high value stuff is beyond me. Well, not really. I do know the Orca has a corporation hangar which doesn’t allow scans. And I am sure there are other ways.

One nifty thing to have would be a module to prevent cargo/ship scans. If ship scans are not considered aggression, then blocking those scans should be considered non-aggression as well. It would operate much like ECM/ECCM would work now. A balance of skill and scan strength would either allow scan or not. I think that would be a good addition, to balance gameplay a bit. Of course, CCP is not interested in that, because it has nothing to do with making snazzy characters or large alliances or 0.0 space.

Ze’s new portrait is ok. So are Kino’s and Zhon’s. Hardee and Shar Sharin violate the “no shirt” policy, so I wonder how long we’ll get away with it. Once I figure out how to take a snapshot of those mugs, I’ll post them.

Fly like you are un-Incursed