I have been asked several times about how to avoid being ganked. What follows is my advice. 

What is a gank? I define a gank as destruction of a defenseless ship, especially in hi sec, by a mob or hi powered solo ganker. Of course, in hi sec, they are almost always suicide ganks.

Now, those new to EVE, those who are naive, and those who just, well, are stupid, know this: The only, ONLY, place that is safe from a gank is in a station. Not 1.0 space, not in an anomaly, not in a gang and not in a wormhole. The only exception to this is mining in 0.0 space in which your corp/alliance have control. The likelihood there is much, much less than anywhere else, but it is not 100% safe. But it is the safest by far.

I have never mined in 0.0 space, so I only know from what I glean from folks like Manasi. But, they are in agreement with the idea that controlled 0.0 space is damn safe to mine. I have been in 0.0 space, via wormhole, so it is possible to get into someone’s backyard with little warning if they are not vigilant.

That said, how can you keep from getting ganked in high security space (if you are mining in low sec, then you should know the risks that anyone with a gun or laser on their ship would love to shoot you…and probably will)? Well, you can take precautions. However, with enough resources, manpower, skill and luck, any ganker or gank gang will succeed.

So, here are some of my rules and suggestions to help out. They are not inclusive, nor may they apply to all situations. If you know of a better idea, great. Write it in a blog yourself 😉 Or just add it in the comment section. That will work, too.

  1. Know your system. Mine in systems you are familiar with. Know which folks in local are docile miners like you, mission runners, haulers, lab rats, and station huggers. Strangers and ne’er-do-wells will be easier to spot.
  2. Mine in less-traveled systems. It is easier to keep up with 5 people in local than 80. Not to mention that there is probably more ore for you to mine.
  3. Find a balance between 1.0 and 0.5 that suits you. The higher security, the less ore there is to mine, as well as more competition. Lower security systems tend to border low sec systems, so professional criminals will have easier access to you.
  4. Mine in what you can afford to lose. This goes for any type of ship. Insurance outright sucks on exhumers, so don’t anticipate a big payout. Hulks, Mackinaws and Skiffs are Tech II ships, so their insurance is even worse.
  5. Avoid Exhumers as they tend to be targets. A Battleship fitted with Miner IIs does a pretty good job of mining. If you are mining solo, this is a decent option. I did fairly well in a cruiser tweaked just for mining, and I have used it in mining missions. I have heard a Megathron with 7 Miner IIs and a bunch of mining upgrades mines like crazy. Mining barges are paper thin and go poof quickly.
  6. Stay aligned to a station, safe, planet, etc, at all times. You should have a clear path. Make sure your bookmarks (yes, use bookmarks!) are set so that you don’t warp into the rocks. A Hulk can get almost perma-trapped in dense fields.
  7. If you are mining in a gang, SPREAD OUT. I can’t count how many times I have seen fraps on YouTube where a bunch of Macks are all nestled up to an Orca and then smartbombed to pieces by ganking battleships. Make the gankers chose a single target.
  8. If you see a Helios or other cloaker land in the belt, start moving and GTFO. A good ganker will have their scout on top of you before you know it, but sometimes they aren’t sure of things and de-cloak to scan your ship.
  9. I like to keep the rocks at my back and my station in front. Staying 5km or so away from the rocks gives you a buffer to protect against cloakies. Gankers tend to have short range weapons since they tend to do the most damage, so a quick gank needs to have the scout very close to warp to.
  10. Vigilance. You need to keep an eye on things. Hardee RR has flown many gank missions, and about half could have been avoided if the miner was paying attention. Some did escape because of their awareness and their tank.
  11. Tank. Get your shield skills up if you are going to use an Exhumer or mining barge. Your low slots will be used with mining upgrades or cargo expanders, so armor is out. Passive shielding seems to be preferred with the AFK miners out there, but we won’t be AFKing, right? I do not use cargohold optimizer rigs. They reduce armor, and my style of mining (jet-can with a standby Itty V) doesn’t require the extra space. I typically just use shield extenders and an Invulnerability field, although the suggested is the Invulnerability field and racial shield hardeners. Find some established macro-miners and scan them to see what they have, or hit Battleclinic.
  12. Drones are worthless against gankers. Why? The gankers have to aggress you before you can shoot them, and 5 Hobgoblin IIs won’t cut it. Remember, CONCORD will shoot the aggressor in hi sec, and will take them out long before your drones could do any serious damage.
  13. IT’S A TRAP! Or at least pretend to be one. Keep a RR(Remote Repair) ship nearby. Gankers tend to be wary of those, and might try to go after easier prey. I do know of someone who kept an Exhumer out during Hulkageddon as bait. Much lulz followed. Again, they still can shoot you and take you down if determined enough.
  14. A Battleship or other providing “protection” won’t do jack. There isn’t enough time. Ganks go down pretty quick, so they might get a shot off before CONCORD finishes the job…and well after the “protected” ship is rubble.
  15. Keep up with the goings-on in EVE. Hulkageddon has become famous, and if you’re mining during those types of events, shame on you, and thank you for being a target.
  16. Use the 360 scanner, max range! The tool is one of the most useful things, and it is on every ship. It lets you know what is within 14 au of you (you can lower the range, but that only make sense for certain situations, like anomaly/missions). Have a bunch of Catalysts show up? Start moving. The time lost from false alarms is nothing to the loss of your mining ship.
  17. Number isn’t necessarily important. I have seen 3 Destroyers (and a little rat help) take down a Hulk, and two destroyers obliterate a Retriever. Of course, I have also seen a horde of rookie ships sink a barge or two as well.
  18. Pre-load CONCORD in your belt. Now, I really don’t know the effectiveness of this tactic, and I have never used it. The idea is to get CONCORD in your belt before the gankers show up, thus limiting the time it takes for them to spawn and start shooting. A “throw-away” character is used to come in (usually in a rookie ship) and shoot at you. CONCORD shows up, blows the ship up, and hangs around for a while. I don’t know how long they stay, so I don’t know if it is worth the hassle. Hardee and his gang were successful in taking out a Hulk with CONCORD in the belt, so, again, a determined bunch will succeed.
  19. Even Noobs don’t fly noobships anymore. If someone with more than 3 hours of game-time drops into your belt in a rookie ship, leave. The new welcome-to-eve missions give away T-1 ships. And if you are nowhere near a University/Academy type system, it is even more suspicious.
  20. Maintain at least a 10km no-fly zone (20km is much better). If someone enters your no-go sphere, move or leave. A quick peek at your tactical overlay will give you an idea, or just look at ship distance.


You have to enjoy the game, so don’t be so put off that you don’t mine. Mining is freaking dull and boring, especially solo. I have played many, many card games and looked up nasty things on 4chan and Motherless while listening to the drone of strip miners. Just limit the AFK part, and you’ll be ok most of the time.

Fly paranoid