Well, I wasn’t gone for long.

I found out about Hulkageddon IV coming in February. YAY! Hardee RR will fly again. He has spent his time plodding away with the rats, slowly creeping up from -4.49 to his current -2.43. He’ll be pretty much near 0 when the shooting starts, at least that’s the plan.

Hardee has had some skill time, so it will make his Thrasher runs a lot more fun. He even has broken into Cruisers, although we have found them disappointing. His Thrasher can generate more DPS than his noob-fit cruiser skills allow, and even all V’s are a push on EFT. Now, we might do a Rupture with arties for an alpha strike, just for fun.

Hardee will be joined by his sister Susie McPewPew and her new friend Shar Sharin for the fun. Ze might fly some scouting missions, and Kino will be in Alcyone hauling 40,000 m^3 of stuff into the fray. We’ll see. Susie is a holdover from the last Hulk with only an attempted gate gank on her resume’. Shar replaces Sa’id Sa’id.

So, game time has been spent working on Hardee’s security status. Hopefully the same crew I flew with last time will be available. That was awesome, and we had some good fun and laughs. Battleship take-downs in low-sec is a slow, slow process in a Thrasher. The biggest concern is being jumped by another pilot and not being able to do much about it.

In fact, Hardee was jumped when he was in orbit around a cruiser. I wasn’t paying much attention, although I watched the guy in local. Scram, blam, pop. He scrammed by pod and ransomed it, so I offered 1 ISK, maybe 2. He wanted 2 million, I think. I said shoot away. He laughed, let me go, and said that he’d shot me if I paid. Well, I never pay ransoms, and Hardee has no implants, flying ships he’ll soon lose to CONCORD, so I wasn’t being brave or anything. Oh well, takes all kinds I guess. He just really didn’t understand Hardee’s purpose in EVE.


The new expansion is, well, blah. I haven’t seen any Sansha inavsions yet. Nor do I care. Same bugs I care about are still there. I found that trading in station has become buggy in that moving partial stacks into a trade box doesn’t happen right, and when trying to remove a stack from the trade box, it won’t let go. I usually have to cancel and start over. One pain in the ass.

The Christmas gift of the code breaking ship is, well, bizarre. Bring back the snowball guns or something. That would be fun. This new ship isn’t. I assembled mine, put the code breaker in it, spun it around in station, shrugged, and then jumped into a real ship. I named the ship WTF_is_this. The Proteus at least had an obvious purpose. I have no clue what to do with it. I will watch contracts and see what the going rate is. It might just become income.

I am not really sure if I like the way CCP is doing the roll out. They’re doing it in sections, which makes some sort of sense: roll out what works (but not all of it does, so there’s still patches). I think we’ll have to live with many more patches than we would have if we just got one big roll-out. I don’t know. Still, what is being rolled out doesn’t seem to fix or affect my gameplay so far.

Except….learning skills.

I am pissed off that learning skills are no more. I don’t like mucking about with “neural remaps”. Learning skills seem to jive with other MMOs, so I don’t see why we needed to get rid of them. Piss on the newbies, I say. I learned like most others: Fly, ask questions, and lurk on the internet. I didn’t need a quick pass to get to flying. The biggest detriment to new players ISN’T skills, but ISK! 5,000 ISK doesn’t buy shit, so you spend most of your time ratting or mining. Tat’s why a lot of newbies don’t like EVE, not because of the learning skills “time”. Sheesh!

I haven’t kept up with the CSM or anything. My employer blocks anything even remotely connected with gaming, and I just haven’t had the time to fly, be a parent to a very active 4yo, and read blogs at the same time. So, hopefully the CSM is getting it right.

Who is excited about the upcoming new character creator? Not me! If I wanted to create, I’d play Second Life. Now, ship customization would be cool as all fuck. Characters become avatars in local, that is all. Let’s not walk around in stations, but rather give a Hurricane a flame job or a Raven a big Jolly Roger.

Fly like you ain’t gonna be ganked