In three easy steps…

I’ve been running missions of late. I don’t know why. Just a change of pace. I tried getting into PI again, but I just couldn’t stomach any more clicking.

Kino usually flies RR support in an Exequror. I fly a Vexor through level 3s normally, at least the shoot-em-up kind. We were working to get standings to run a four. I cannot remember what the mission was, as I really didn’t read it. I just saw “use cloak” and “wait for transports” in it. I got all giddy: I could use my bomber for something..

Step 1: Assume a stealth bomber can be used for shooting missions

It’d be easy, I thought: Sneak in, shoot at targets, and GTFO. Kino could take care of any other ships with drones. If I got into trouble, his medium armor reps could keep me alive. Dumb. SBs are paper-thin. It doesn’t take much to pop them, especially an active shield tank ship.

Step 2: Deviate from plan

When I warped in, I saw the targets. The mission said to wait for them (transports), but there they were. I started to move toward them all cloakied up. There was a group of fighters about 50-60km away from the transports. Perfect. They couldn’t hit me. Kino waited at the gate until I was in position, then he warped in. He approached the fighters, got aggro, and started dealing with them, not realizing that he’d be more than 34km away, which is his optimal in rep distance. So, instead of staying at a range where he could RR, he moved in to engage due to his limited drone skills. Had he targeted them and then moved toward the freighters, he’d gotten the aggro anyway.

Step 3:Forget about spawns

Once Kino let loose his drones, I de-cloaked and started wailing on the freighters at about 15km orbit. That is until the next spawn warped in on top of me. I was webbed, but didn’t realize it. I wanted to take out at least one freighter. My active tank fell rapidly. Kino was slowly moving back my direction, but with the conscious decision not to fit the Exequror with an AB/MWD, he couldn’t get in range fast enough. I tried to get aligned to warp, but went poof pretty quick.

Argh…oh, insurance expired the previous day. Evidently the “notice” I am supposed to get only comes when I enter the insurance screen, which is total CCP bullshit-on-a-stick. Not like insurance covers the cost of Tech II ships, but every bit helps. *sigh*.


We ran our first level 4 mission. Kino again in the Exequror, with me in Euryale, my Myrmidon. We had to fiddle with our setup and tactics, but we ran it successfully. A few warp outs, but nothing major. Since Kino is primarily a RR and I am a drone boat, DPS is limited, so tanking and keeping distance was the key. With my skills and setup, my drone range was around 60km, so it wasn’t too bad and it kept any tacklers away.

However, if you are using Tech II drones for missions, you are one rich pod pilot. I and Kino did our best in keeping them alive, but half a million on average per drone is too high. I don’t care about losing tech I drones, so it was much easier to manage when we switched to them.

I didn’t really see any good drops on that particular mission. We had seen a ninja salvager on some level 3s we did, but none on this 4, which was nice. Still, the drops weren’t that great, and the salvage was, well, salvage. It was a single room mission with multiple spawns, but still, I wasn’t impressed. If both Kino and I were running Battleships, they’d be pieces of cake. The challenge was using just a drone BC for DPS. FUN!


I am still having the Catalyst ghosting issue. It also shows up on a Win7 machine running a 9500GT solo. Any ATI folk having the same issue?

The database has been LAGGING something awful of late. Long delays in calling up market details, long delays in opening and sorting station containers, just slow. I thought they upgraded that system recently. It sucks.

Fly like you shouldn’t be