A new release of Tyrannis was pushed out yesterday. Has anyone noticed?

Well, probably the Mac users have. That fix was mainly for them. Overall, the fixes were cryptic with nothing explicitly identified as a fix. So, basically, it was a Mac fix. If you are gaming on a Mac, you shouldn’t.

One of the known “bugs” that irritates the hell out of me is the problem with the Catalyst ship model. This problem has been around since Dominion. What happens is that non-player Catalyst models either generate an off-center ghost image (at 90 degree angle for some reason), or generates a mirror “smudge” way out (about 3-4k), which is anoying since that is where your camera normally lies.  Your own Catalyst is fine, but if you saw mine out in space, there is a chance it would be borked.

After Tyrannis, 7/11/2010, player Catalyst:

After Tyrannis, 8/19/2010, latest patch, NPE :


I haven’t tried to see if this can be duplicated on an AMD machine. My gaming rig runs two 8800 Ultras in SLI (heats a room it does), so it may be an SLI issue or nVidia issue. I’ll try playing around with it. Not every spawn does this, either, although that is usually the exception rather than the rule.


On my bug report, I was told it was a known issue. Known. KNOWN. FIX IT GODAMMIT! Something like this should be relatively easy to nail, as I haven’t seen this problem on any other model out there.

Of course, I might see a fix in 18 months. Maybe. That’s if “Invasion” doesn’t shit fuck us with a host of other issues….which it will. Yeah, I just learned that the next expansion isn’t Incarna but Invasion. Incarna will be late 2011 if at all. And with Incarna being the “big” expansion, that means we’ll not see fixes really until at least 2nd quarter 2012. Of course, technology will have changed much then, with newer graphics, Direct X, procs, etc.

I have shown EVE to some WoW gamers and they just love the graphics, really. EVE can be deceptively slick. That is, until you get to know it. I have about given up on PI because of the clickfest. I can’t imagine making high tier products from scratch. That has got to be ridiculous.

Hardee has been getting most of life-limited playtime. Ratting is friggin’ tedious. Not as bad as mining, though, although mining is more profitable in Empire space. You can only come across so many BS in low-sec.

Ze has been focusing on some core certificates. He has neglected good engineering and targeting skills. So, it is back to the basics to shore up stuff. Then, who knows…improving BC? Then maybe BS? Nah, most likely Interceptors and then Interdictors.

OK, enough venting…

Fly like your ship actually spawns correctly.

Bonus: Cool image of Hardee working