My move to 0.0 didn’t happen. Let me tell you why.

I did join a new corp. I needed to get my things to Torrinos so that my corpmates could ferry my stuff to our space. Unfortunately, that’s 30 jumps from where my stuff is at. I was only going to bring a few cruisers and frigs plus my bomber (which I would fly in), but still that’s a haul. I looked into some decent transport services, espeially ones where I didn’t have to repackage ships (no loss of rigs, etc), but I didn’t want to spend the dough (I had a very reasonable quote, about 10 mill).

So, Kino helped out and did 4 runs with Alcyone, which is fit for 25k m^3. He was scanned several times, but only once was there any tech 2 goodies, so he didn’t have to worry. In fact, he was hoping to be shot at just to test out the shield buffer tank. By the time I was ready (plus the days I missed being online due to work deadlines), it was almost 10 days. Then…

The guy who invited me to the corp, quit the corp. Yeah. I was bummed. I didn’t talk to him about it, I just sent the CEO & Recruiter a nice letter thanking them for the chance to fly, but indicated that the departure of my friend prompted my resignation. Dropped corp, moved all my shit back and rejoined Zurakaru LTD.

So, yeah, I probably could have stayed, but when you don’t know anyone else, it is hard to fit in, at least for me. Perhaps I need to join an Empire corp just to get used to being the “new guy”. I don’t believe 0.0 is a good place to wander around without a few people you know nearby.

I pushed back from the desk and let things be. I let my PI stuff sit. I am tired of the interface. I need to really put some thought and effort into serious manufacturing higher tier things. Making oxygen and bacteria just isn’t worth the trouble. Oh, and due to my mini sabbatical, I lost an anchored can, full of cap boosters and torps. Grrr.

I have been running a few missions here and there. Level 2 and 3. I even did one in a Covetor just for fun. 1st time I was solo and had to warp out once. Second time I had Kino in an Exequror and they hardly scratched me. I hate Caldari and I hate Caldari missles. Kino is fairly skilled in RR, but has no drone skills. He needs to get his ass in gear and get to where he can use some bots.

I am tech 2 across all light and medium drones, and can use bots and sentries.  We have a good setup with the Exequror and me flying a Vexor. I just use Kino as one big lumbering drone. In that fit he has a medium armor rep, energy transfer, cap booster and a large shield/armor buffer tank. Include are two 150 mm rails just for added damage when shooting a structure. I have a small armor rep (for repping drones), a few 125mm rails for frigs or drones, AB, med cap battery, race or multi ECM, 1600mm plate, race  based hardener, damage control and either more armor or a mag stab, depending on the mission.

Kino, too has been offline for a while. All focus has been on Hardee RR and his quest to rejoin hi-sec. He has gone from -4.49 to -4.0. He is very happy. Ratting lowsec in nothing but an autocannon Thrasher has made the accomplishment significant. We do think the road to redemption is a bit too steep. Perhaps CCP can lighten it a bit?

Oh, wait, it is CCP. If the problem is current, then they don’t want to assign any resources to fix it now.  At least not for a while. 18 moths of a while. Which is by no means a promise. With the roll out of all the new features of Dust and Incarna, they’ll be too swamped trying to get those to work than to fix the old issues.

I wrote a while back of the Jenga analogy. I can’t help to feel sick that not only are they going to keep things borked (PI, lowsec, FW, etc), but that the new stuff will break the game entirely. We’ll go from bitching about a game that is playable but buggy to no game at all. CCP is really sticking their neck out. Incarna/Dust could break CCP as well. No CCP, no EVE, sad panda.

I have a few more posts I want to work on.

Fly…well, just fly.


Hardee shooting stuff: