A nice, yet slow, final weekend of Hulkageddon 3 has opened an opportunity to go to 0.0 space.

Well, my week of ganking is over. Hardee RR and Sa’id Sa’id did very well. Hardee’s sec status will be hard to bring up. Sa’id’s won’t be too hard, but since Ze will dominate the skill queue, he won’t get much training in to improve gunnery skills enough to do serious lowsec ratting. In fact, Hardee will not see much help, either. But as a distraction, Hardee ratting ought to be nice.

We did all of our gank runs way out in Amarr space. I liked this for two reasons.

  1. There were a lot of Hulks with not much competition for kills
  2. I wasn’t blowing up acquaintances, neighbors, and friendly alliances.

Combined, Hardee and Sa’id got credit for 21 kills, with getting the kill mail for one of them. Hardee is ranked #111 on the Hulkageddon killboard, which puts him close to pilots like 00sage00, Spectre3353, and Nashh Kadavr. Nice. Sa’id is at #170. Combined scores would yield about a #46 ranking, which just so happens to be the ranking of one of the pilots they flew with, STARTSWARS. Sweet.

Killmails are borked, I guess. I haven’t had many to compare to, but some guys who did damage didn’t get credit. We even had one guy who shot but did not get CONCORDokkend. Weird. That was the kill with just three destroyers. I don’t mind, but he did get cheated out of the killmail. Oh well.

One of the surprising things to note was the number of kills we got in the same two or three systems. Yes, a few were macrominers. But some folks are just stupid. And almost all of our targets never spoke in local. When ganks or can flips happen in my system, their name gets called out. “Suchandsuch is a dirty f’n ganker” or “Joeschmoe is a rotten can flipper”. It alerts everyone that is paying attention to local that there are gankers in the system. You can mark them red, and if they return to the system, you can be ready or in station. So, those who got blown up not only can blame themselves, they can blame their fellow miners.

 And we had a serious lack of tears. I think there was only one or two private convos. Of course, we informed them about their lack of a mining license and the necessary enforcement. But, for me, 1 out of 21 kills is very, very disappointing.

Now, some folks did get mad. There was a Russian who decided to chase  members in his Maelstrom. That was fun. You could tell he was pissed. He should have been more calm and thought out an ambush since he’ll have kill rights for a while. But it was a good laugh and made the evening a lot of fun.

Speaking of kill rights, we were duped once. A miner we had killed before was mining away in a system. We didn’t have a cloaky scout at that point, so we had someone bookmark and warp away. Once we gathered our gank fleet at a planet, we warped in…only to discover a Drake. Yikes! Everyone bailed for various points. I think some had been targeted, but he didn’t seem to be fitted with a scram. Too funny. We laughed about that one for a while.

I definitely will participate in the next Hulkageddon, which will probably occur in the winter, hopefully.


Well, I was offered to join a null-sec corp. Well, I had two offers. One was with a start-up, one with an established. Some of the pilots I flew with are in the established, so I dropped corp and joined. I will be moving out into the empty yet dangerous 0.0. And I can’t wait!.

The corp is Ion Heavy Industries. Looks to be a good bunch of guys. We’ll see how it goes! Kino had already taken over the CEO position, and Zhon K’Zura has moved into a Director’s position. Zurakaru LTD will survive!

 I am trying to figure out what stuff I need to bring and how I will bring it. I have been directed to take my stuff to a particular system, but it is almost 30 jumps away. I have gotten a quote of about 10 million ISK to get my stuff there, which isn’t bad but is still a bit high. Two cruisers and a dessie or frig fills Kino’s Itty V Alcyone, so moving stuff that route would take forever. I probably will only take frigs and cruisers. I could possibly take my Myr, but we’ll see. I need to get ahold of some corpies and ask.

Ok, well, the new adventure begins.

Fly like it is f’n enjoyable.


Ion Heavy Industries