Well, if you didn’t already guess it, Hardee RR is on of my alts and has sacrificed his security standings to participate in Hulkageddon 3.

Check out his work so far: http://hulkageddon3.griefwatch.net/?p=pilot&pilot=Hardee%20RR

I will write more of the adventures, but with 12 kills and a bunch of almost kills, I won’t be able to give a play by play of each one, but there have been some cool moments, some lulz, and some learning experiences. I got to fly with a great FC and fellow pilots for most of the kills. I even FC’d one kill early on. Sweet. Now, to work on my sec standing (a robust -4.49…almost banished to low-sec) and try to get in one or two more ganks before I become an outlaw.

-Ze & Hardee