It is here: Hulkageddon 3. And innocent Ze is…participating?

Well, sort of. I will be flying scout for some groups which I will disclose after the event. However, I am so freaking giddy about the whole thing I had to write something. So, fair warning: If you see me in local outside of Verge Vendor, park your barge.

I also have an alt that will be actively shooting. I will also disclose that ID and any kill-mails on the 19th.

Why am I participating? Aren’t I a miner with a great security status?

Because it looks to be fun. Yes, the suffering and tears from those shot is really not my cup of tea, but ya know, if you are flying a barge during the event, you are either incredibly naive, uninformed, or just plain stupid. And you most likely deserve what you got. I’ll be shooting in an slightly-above-n00b alt, so I really don’t care what happens to him. Thrasha Powah.

Speaking of naive, I probably deprived someone of an Orca kill. And for that, I apologize, but the dude is in a friendly alliance that Zurakaru LTD just had to protect. This guy was talking on the alliance channel that he had only 2 more hours until he could fly his Orca. I told him he then had 24 hours until he had to park it. He didn’t know why, so I told him about Hulkageddon. He was convinced that it was only for exhumers. I had to show him the link to the website to convince him otherwise. I wished I saved his rant once comprehension set it. It was priceless.

One of the best Hitler rant videos featuring Hulkageddon was cock-blocked on Youtube. Oh well.


A big shout out to Kishin Hattori. I evidently lit a fire under his pen and he updated his blog. I only gave a shout out as I do not “loiter” in Hevrice ;). Thanks for the props, Kishin, and keep up the good work over there. Go read Journeys of a Baroque Pilot. Good stuff.


Evidently there is some asshatery, tomfoolery, shenanigans or some other tired cliche’ going on with CCP and the CSM. The much maligned Ankh has been removed from the CSM (bizarrely just after I wrote about it…hmmm). I have no info about this other than the “official” announcements, which was that she had violated the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that she had with CCP. It wasn’t her blog or her position on CSM, so there was something else. My guess is that she is a developer(?) with another company and she gave, either intentionally or unintentionally, sensitive information to her company. But that is only a guess. I haven’t read the NDA, so I don’t even know what would constitute a violation. The internets blew up yesterday about it, and every swinging dick (and hootchie?) has an opinion. From CCP getting “even” to CSM power plays, all the conspiracies are being circulated. I haven’t been able to check up on current events today, but I will once I get off of work and start a very long haul of goodies for tonight’s fun.

Ankh is not liked by many, especially those who enjoy their PvP, piracy, and pillaging. She seems like a strange cat, but is sincere in her beliefs from what I gather. I don’t agree with her stance on EVE, but she has done some really retarded & stupid things in her past. Maybe she is starting to reap what she has sown.

Fly like you are being ganked…oh, too late.