I’ll just say it: PI isn’t all that.

Ok, it is kinda fun in a Farmville kind of way. You set up your little extractors. You set up your processors. Hopefully, unlike me, you’re not an idiot and mine things that might go together to form more valuable things. And somehow makes some ISK. It is too early to tell how much dough you can make, as the markets take time to sort out when you introduce player driven resources.

It might be good for some small income, but I don’t think it will replace a level IV mission or such in terms of income. And it is almost as tedious as mining. As far as I know, you can’t select all your extractors at once to mine. So, you have to double click each one, select the time frame, then execute. Tedious. Especially when you are trying to build inventory and are doing a lot of 30 minutes runs. On multiple planets. Yuck.

And, another gripe: the time frames. 30 minutes are ok…I’d prefer 1 hour. 5 hours make no sense to me. 23 makes a ton. 96 sort of. I wish it was more of a sliding scale where you could pick time in 1 hour increments. That way, you could set up your mining schedule to match your playtime. I mean, who wants to stop a roam because you have to tend your garden?

I am not the geeky let’s-make-a-spreadsheet-and-figure-this-shit-out-super-duper kind of EVE pilot. There are some freaking brilliant pilots out there, and I am sure they know exactly what to put where, how, how much, and so on, to make a ton of ISK. I am not one of those. I play EVE to leave the thinking world behind (for the most part). I am a programmer in an archaic and arcane machine language (4 years of college *poof*) in RL. So, I am constantly having to do calculations, spreadsheets, logic trees and so on for a living (and am having to do a weird way to do calculations: fractional math…all results of calcs cannot equal to more than 1 or be truncated…*ouch* it hurts). I don’t want to think. I want to enjoy. So, I purposely haven’t put pencil to paper to make my little farms superefficient. And I shouldn’t have to.

During the Alliance Tournament (way to go PL…), CCP showed some of the developers, specifically the guy in charge of PI. Once I saw him, I knew I would have really no hope of making a lot of money on the venture. The dude just reeked of brainy geekiness, so much that my old slide-rule jumped out of hiding to say hello. And no, that wasn’t a joke about my penis.

Since I am on my soapbox, I want to bitch about the nerfing of rat drops, especially rat BS drops in low-sec. WTF. I used to be able to count on an easy 500k ISK bounty with anywhere from 350k to 2-3 million ISK drops. Now, I am lucky to get anything higher than a tech 2 variant, and, so help me, if I see another “Metal Scrap”, I’m gonna start shooting a station and never replace my bomber. Well, maybe not, but it does piss me off.

You see, CCP has lamented about the lack of people in low sec. They started Factional Warfare to bring in pilots. While slightly successful, CCP has yet to really “fill” low sec. Craptastic mining, nerfed rats, and pirates galore. Um, why am I there? What’s next, the ability to use an interdiction bubble? Bombs? Hell, let’s just get rid of low-sec altogether. Secure Empire and null Empire. Why? Because low-sec just isn’t anything, other than a pirate playground. And since the draw is only to a small percentage of the EVE population (pirate) why go? Sure, PI does offer better volume of resources, but nothing a player with an alt couldn’t make up for in high sec.

Hopefully, Mynxee and the other CSM folks will help fix low sec. I am a relative n00b to low sec, but it already has changed for the worse. Not a good precedence.

Some good news: I am over 10 million skillpoints! Yay! I really haven’t taken a lot of skills to level 5, so it has taken me a while. Kino is not far behind, mainly because he sits on a skill until it is 5…


Not too shabby. You can see where my focus was industrial for a long time. Mining is just so…..boring now. My Hulk has been gathering dust.

Oh well. Fly like your prey ain’t nerfed