Manasi, over at A Mule in Eve, is recruiting for CEPTA. I love reading his blog, and his post about recruiting has started me thinking…

Maybe it is time to join a larger corp. And maybe one in nullsec. Now, CEPTA probably isn’t for me (for one main reason that I will reveal). However, CEPTA’s rules and requirements are probably useful as a guide to make sure I would be ready for any nullsec corp. Let’s examine CEPTA’s rules and requirements.

Pilot requirements:

1) You have to want to fight – Makes sense. They are not a mining organization. I have done the mining thing, and am bored of it, so this would be a welcome change.

2) We do not grief people, the game is hardcore enough as is.  Amen brother.

3) The skill “thick skin” MUST be at level 5!  If you cannot survive our banter on voice coms, things will be VERY hard for a pilot..nothing, and I do mean nothing is out of bounds, we will call everyone all kind of names, but we have all known each other for anywhere from 3 months to 2.5 years. Headsets are STRONGLY encouraged. -THAT sounds like fun. I am former US Navy in real life, and boy, we were brutal to each other. But it was all in the name of being good shipmates. If they found you had a button, then it was be pressed. Repeatedly.

4) The guys in CEPTA want people to discover how much fun PvP can be. Also wik. I look forward to an organization that is, well, organized. That is a major problem with Factional Warefare. You never know who you will be flying with, when, or even if. And you can’t trust anyone. That is the main reason why I have just resigned to just scout a bit for the FW channels.

5) You need to be able to do one, two, or  all three of the following things:

  1. Tackle: be able to pilot  Interceptors or Interdictors.
  2. DPS: be able to pilot Battlecruisers / T2 HAC’s in a some race {you must be able to fit T2 Medium Guns)
  3. Heavy  Sniper; be able to pilot one of the four ships : (Apocalypse, Rokh, Tempest, Megathron ) which hits at 30KM for up close damage, 150KM+ for sniper.

Ok, I am not able to do any of the three yet. I can tackle and fly an Incursus, so can Kino. Of course, any tech 2 interceptor will outrun me, and will be able to sustain that speed. Not to mention out-turn. I can provide a point, but a tackle will definitely be harder. I have been practicing on rats and staionary objects, but something like a Stiletto or an Ares will eat my lunch and take my milk money. And kick sand in my face. I can fly a BC in the sense that I can sit in the pilot seat, but that is about it: Tech I all around. And I cannot fly  BS at all.

6) You need to be in the following spread of timezones: +2 GMT ~ -7 GMT ( GMT = Greenwich Mean Time.  CDT, yeah you know me….CDT, yeah you know me…-5 GMT baybee

CEPTA rules:

All pilots under control by the player need to either be in the new player corps OR in CEPTA. Now, this is my deal-breaker. The reasons CEPTA has for this are sound, and CEPTA isn’t the only org out there. But for me, I need that utility and occasional diversion. Besides, new player corps suck balls.

Full API’s are required for pilots to be vetted, we use accVIEW to help with this. This is reasonable, but I wonder what damage a full API can do if given to the wrong person. I am also unsure all the reasons an organization needs it minus the background check.

Voice communications are a must, if your in game you damned well better be on voice coms. Well, yeah! Duh.

So, it gives me a target to work toward before I seriously start looking for a corp. I know what I need to work on to be valuable 🙂

*** *** *** ***

In reference to my earlier rant about rat loot nerfs, I also want to bitch about the dynamics a rat ship has. I am not talking about Sleepers, just your friendly Serpentis or Blood Raider. The damn ships must be Tech VIII power systems with Tech 1 everything else. I was fighting two cruiser-sized rats (Thorax hull I believe). I don’t use tackle, so when one was in deep armor, it started to MWD away. So did its partner. I decided to follow. They kept MWDing…and MWDing..and MWDing. Now, for ratting in my bomber, I only fit an AB. So, I was doing about half of their speed (I think they were about 1180 m/s while I peg out at 600). But I stayed at it (local was empty). I followed until the distance between us was around 750 km. Yuhp. 750km (sounds like an algebra word problem…two ships leave a spaceport in the same direction travelling at different speeds….)  How did I do this? Because those ships never lost lock.

Now, how is it that these ships have super-incredible targeting systems and unlimited cap? Why can’t those ships be a bit more realistic in the ship capabilities department? Is it a balance thing because the rat pilots are dumb?

I also came across a bug when I undocked in Amane. The moment I was in space, my Ship only overview picked up two rat ships….at 35,000 km+ I wish I oculd have targeted them for the lulz.

Ok, enough of that. I will contiue to work toward my nullsec goal.

Fly with a purpose..on purpose.