It has been a fun few days. And I haven’t lost a ship!

First off, I spent the weekend watching the Alliance Tournament. I enjoyed it, although the second batch of commentators on Sunday were horrible, well one was. Let’s say she needed to go to Starbucks and get a decent internet connection.

It was neat to see the different matchups. Half the ships are ones I have never seen before. My god, are those Machariels huge or what! I want one. Bad. It’d be worth it just to slink around hi-sec in it, with all the care-bears hatin’.

My two favorites lost: Tusker Bastards and Noir.¬†Mercenary Group. Pirates and mercs just don’t do tourneys well, I guess. Can’t cheat as much ūüėČ We’ll see what the next rounds bring.

Zurakaru LTD is in the planet exploitation business. / Hopefully this will be a nifty moneymaker. I am just doing tier 1 production right now, but will do a tier 2 or 3 when I bump up in skills to be able to harvest another planet. I am doing a storm and a temperate planet right now. Noble gas to oxygen and then micro organisms to bacteria (I thought micro-orgasms were bacteria…maybe it is just sorting them out or something). Should be like hi-sec ratting, without all the mucking about in asteroid belts.

I was happily ratting in low-sec last week. I warp into an area all cloaky to see someone in a Vexor¬†shooting at a rat cruiser. No problems. I am about to warp away when someone warps in at 0 and starts to fly toward the Vex. They are flying a Myrmidon. The Myr slowly creeps towards the Vex. Now, Myr’s sec status is a robust -1.2 I think, but ol Vex has a 4.5 or so. So, yes, he immediately goes red and starts to shoot. He releases drones and scrams the Vex. The Vex must have had a hellacious tank, because the immediately finish off the rat and turn to start shooting the Myr. I think the Myr had guns, but I didn’t see any neut/vamp action. I am a hellacious 65km out, so I start by 300 m/s creep. I am loaded with Inferno torps only, so I wasn’t gonna do max damage. But, I am sure anything would be better than watching the Vex melt. My torp flight time would have ket be out of low tech disruptor range, and the Myr was stationary! Whoo hoo!.

Before I could get into position to uncloak, a corpmate of the Vex showed up i na Myr of their own. The pirate eventually assploded. I try to shout out to the victors, but they had hurriedly left and did not respond before they hit the gate.

Now, I was pissed that I didn’t get in on the kill, but it may have caused other issues. Then again, maybe not. Who knows. I just failed at what I needed to do. Maybe if I had just decloaked and AB’d in, I could have shot him. Then again, if he had rails, he could potentially alpha me (although I know damn well never to fly directly at someone who is or would be shooting at me. Radial velocity FTW).

Later that evening, I am happily ratting again in low-sec. This time, I had just finished off a rat when a Myr jumped in at 0. Different dude, though, with a 0.0 status. Hmmm. I am about 35km away and on the other side of the rocks. I quickly get my loots and start to turn my ship toward a safe when I see the yellow square, then red, then a swarm of Warrior IIs on my tail.


My little active shield tank gets kicked on, I hit the cap boost, and pick whatever is in front of me to warp to. Oddly, it was a gate to high-sec. Nice. I make a nice getaway. I jump through the gate, warp to¬†the nearest¬†planet, warp back and through the gate and back to the same belt, but 100km out and all cloaky. He didn’t try to follow me, but just kind of was hanging out. While I watched and waited, I wondered “coincidence?”. I think not. Dude was in the same corp as the Myr earlier. Evidently, they are a Myr raiding corp or something. Who knows.

I see the same guy again several jumps away the next day or so. Evidently his corp is now at war with the corp from the morning victors, and he was chasing down a war target. Interesting.

So, there ya go. I’ll post more of my planetary pillaging escapades. While writing this, I found out that I totally hosed my setup and had to redo my links. Shit. No worries, though. I only lost 2 hours of stuff.

Fly like a Myr is trying to sneak up on you.