OK, my first two. Ok, my first two rat BS kills…..


I just love the Nemesis. I’ve named mine Hecate, the Greco-Roman goddess associated with magic, witches, ghosts, and crossroads. Ghosts. I like it. I love being able to move around with no one watching. And I love shoving torpedos up a Dominix’s butt.

Yeah, its not a PvP victory, but those BS rats are the largest ships I have taken down so far. And it was fun! I am learning a lot more about the game, too.

For instance, I never really paid too much attention to the faction damage dealt/received, other than knowing what armor hardeners to use. When you are shooting blasters and rail against frigs and cruisers, the different damage types really don’t mean as much as distance and punch. It is just a small balance between kinetic and thermal damage on hybrid charges, so it really isn’t a focus. You just load and shoot.

However, with torps (and projectiles, too, I know) you have to definitely pay attention to who you are shooting at. Since I have been shooting Serpentis, it has been thermal hitters like the Inferno. I played with other types just to prove it to myself. Needless to say, my second BS downing was a lot quicker than the first.

Of course, this means I have been hanging out in low-sec space. I am still floored about how empty it is. I scouted out a few hunting grounds, noting traffic patterns and such. I bounced around a few belts until I saw some cruisers. Took them out fairly easily and moved on. Then, there she was….a Domi with two Maulus-hull escorts.

The rats were sitting near the center of the belt. I had warped in at 100km to maintain cloak. So, I de-cloaked, pointed my ship in a direction that would place me over the targets and well clear of the roids, and hit the AB. My fitting:


2 x ‘Malkuth” Siege Launchers w/ Inferno I torps (did play with the other types during the first kill)

1 x ‘Upgraded Limos’ standard missile bay with Flameburst I. This selection was purely for fun, and for the fact that the EVE-fit tool goes apeshit when you add railguns to the Nemesis for some reason, and I didn’t want to spend time testing)

1 x Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

1 x  empty (I don’t overload as of yet, so I don’t need a heatsink. Once I get the railgun stuff figured out, it will probably be used)


1 x Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thruster AB

1 x Small Shield Booster II

1 x Small Supplemental Barrier Emitter I

1 x Small Cap Booster II w/ 150


1 x Emergency Damage Control I

1 x Warp Stab (offline when ratting. It is my crutch when I travel. I know, I know. It is the carebear in me)

The frigs predictably moved toward me, drawing them out from the roids where I could have room to operate. I did not realize that Rat BS have MWD. That was news. I made a racetrack path, keeping the frigs behind me as much as I could. Easy pickins’. Now, fo the BS that is almost on top of me. I cut across his bow, then glided into a 15km orbit. My AB keeps me at around 600km/s, so he’ll never be able to touch me in that orbit. I started hefting torp after torp.

Now, I could have orbited further out, maybe around 20km, but then my control over his speed would diminish. Plus, I wanted to hit with as much DPS as I could, so I needed to stay within 17km for the light missiles.

That *boom* is so satisfying, especially after watching his rep cycle over and over. And the loots! Always is a nice drop, and the bounty is pretty good, too.

I really never got a scratch from either two of the BS kills. The first one took a while as I played with the torps. The second was much better. I was working on a third when all of a sudden local exploded. 1…3…7.all of the same corp. I disengaged my little fight and zipped off to a perch over one of the two stargates in that system. No traffic. Ship scanner accounted for some fo the ships: cargo. I zipped over to the other gate and watched. Lots of coming and going. However, two ships remained unaccounted for, and one of those pilots had a nasty bounty and sec status. They evidently busted through a wormhole and was busy getting POS supplies. I didn’t have the equipment to scan them down to be sure.

Then, a Caldari militia blob entered. Fun. Flashy orange all over the place. I decided to hang it up for the night.

And now……………..servers down. Crap. I had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t the Tyrannis rollout.

I want to go shoot some more, when I really should mine….Naw. Shoot.

Fly with torpedos.