I have been spending more time in lowsec, and I have been surprised just how empty it is.

I used to be scared of low sec. Between pirates, pillagers and pests, it was not a place for honest, upright denizens of New Eden to be. With our corporation’s foray into factional warfare, I have been venturing more and more into lowsec. I’ve run some FW missions, and have been toying with my new Helios and Nemesis (yay!) in those regions. And I have seen a lot of nothing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, when there are folks, there is usually a bunch. But more often than not, I’ve been in empty systems, or in systems with pilots just passing through. I was watching a gate at some distance (cloaked, of course….I love my new ships) when I watched another cov-ops ships zip through, then returning after a bit, then plowing through in a freighter. Yeah, he was scouting, and didn’t consider me a threat. And that was the only action in that system for hours.

I did get chased by a faction pilot. He had jumped into a system I was leaving, so he must have burned back to the gate and followed my jumps. Fortunately I was far enough ahead that when I entered a system with multiple gates, he must have picked the wrong one. It was kinda fun. However, except for a few fellow militia folks, pretty freaking empty.

I also jumped into my first gate camp. Solid red all the way down my overview window. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Think of Fred Sanford. “Oh, this is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth?! I’m coming to join you, honey!”  I took a deep breath, saw that everyone was at least 10 km away, selected my next gate, hit the warp-to, and tapped my cloak. Nice. Now, if I was in anything other than a frig, I don’t think my chances would have been too good. I need to think about those contingencies. And yes, I keep my session timer on in the display.

I have enjoyed zipping around in my Helios. I tried a little ninja salvaging in it, but couldn’t fit in the item as I was full of cap (I had made a purchase and didn’t want to leave them behind). Weird thing is that just because I tried, I got the timer slapped on me. Weird. I also have done some minor ratting…with a single drone. I zipped back and forth in a racetrack, making sure the rat destroyer was shooting at me, then released my lone drone. Too funny. He couldn’t keep up with my AB speed, and I had enough shield tank and cap to keep pace.

And what is with the lame asteroids in lowsec? I checked a few belts out and saw nothing I wouldn’t have seen in a highsec belt. A 0.6 looks almost the same as a 0.4. Where is the benefit?

My Nemesis sits unused. I am training up on the torpedo and missile skills, so it will be a while before I can take her out and do some shooting. I want to take down a rat BS with it. Solo.

My war dec fizzled. No shots fired. He stayed hidden. Oh well. I accomplished what I wanted to do. And have been able to get some mining in some fat belts.

I missed some bigtime gank in my corp system. I counted no fewer than 40 CONCORD ships in a belt, plus a ton at the gates. Local chatter informed me of a Hulk gank. I don’t know if they were successful, but I assume they must have. And there wasn’t a wreck left. Nice.

I await my torpedo skills to hit queue. I have enough mission loot to start shooting those things at NPEs.