A weekend with a war declaration and my first kill in EVE. But, it isn’t all glamour and glitz.

We had done some serious war prep. We stockpiled a number of frigates and cruisers (mainly Incursus, Tristan and Vexor classes). I outfitted as many as I could with PvP setups, including my two battlecruisers. I had the Brtuix Stheno II as a blaster boat and the Myr Euryale with a neut setup. All of the ships Kino would fly were fitted as point/tackle ships for my BCs and cruisers. Readied ships were spread between the offices, and some hulls were left in the stations we bought them in various systems.

We did as much mining as we could, them moved the whole mining operation to our remote office, which is 9 jumps to a 0.5 system. The roid belts are few there, but we didn’t plan to spend much time mining. We just wanted to make sure we could without too much interference. Nothing makes you more nervous than loading up a full Itty V with millions of ISK worth of stuff. I flew point (although a good gank is a good gank, regardless of escort). At least we weren’t going into any low-sec areas.

My spy could never find the main guy, but the macro  alts were on the clock. When we got the ok from CONCORD to implement the war dec, we waited until our target logged off. Then we war dec’d. It was late, so I logged off for the evening, that being Thursday night. I was off the next day, so I could go back to spying and such.

When I logged on, I found the expected email full of tears. Nice. I had also sent our war proclamation to him, stating our grievances, objectives, and our resolution. Basically, I wrote that I will lift the war dec if he stopped mining in Verge Vendor completely and moved his main office out of our system. I should copy and post it here in the blog, but I don’t have the client up right now. I quickly switched to my spy alt and started monitoring the target.

He was busy moving. \o/. But he did eject his macro miners from his corp and they were mining. *Boo* . My gank alts were not up to the DPS needed before CONCORDokken, as I had tried twice with that (two Thrashers loaded with 200mm Autocannon, but like no skills). I got into structure the first time, but got no where near the second. CONCORD neuts, which isn’t fair ;).

He finally moved the miners out as well, and they are busy mining in a different system. My spy alt was able to tail them for a while, and located them mining with only two tries. I felt proud about that. And they have stayed there, although they have not rejoined their corp.

I haven’t heard any more from the target. He has stayed offline pretty much, and he has not messaged or convo’d. So, we pretty much achieved our objective (although that has opened the door for another macro miner, but we’ll get to that some other day). But not one shot was fired. Not one. Bummer.

I am not sure if I will keep the war dec up when the next bill rolls around. We’ll see. I was hoping for just one or two Retriever kills. Oh well.

But, I did get my first kill this weekend. It just wasn’t a war target. It was a budding can flipper.

Now, I usually give newbies a lot of slack. However, not this time. This guy was about 2 days old I think, in a Gallente noobship. I was happily mining away early in the morning, and this guy warps into 0, then makes a bee line in his Velator to my can. I collapse it when he was about 5k out. I was watching local, waiting for a gank gang to show up. He then stole from a wreck. Normally, I abandon wrecks, but only if they are at least 10k out. I don’t like people nuzzling up to me unless they ask and I approve. He then heads toward another wreck. I make it blue, but then thought “Hey, this guy got a message warning him not to take stuff, and he was headed to my can”. So, since I had already taken in my mining drones when he got too close, I dispatched 5 xHob Is to take care of him. He lasted maybe 3 seconds (two volleys…he was <50% armor on the alpha). Poof. He zipped off and then logged off.

I felt kinda bad that this was my first kill, and felt a bit sorry for him. I buddy’d him and when I saw he was online, I tried to convo him. I was going to give him his stuff, but he rejected it. So, I sold it. Screw him. So, here’s my first kill. I never got a “mail”, but he never shot, so I don’t know how that works. I just used my combat log entry which is identical. Anyone know how that works?

By agreement, I am due a Navy Comet, but I am not counting this one for the prize. Besides, I have two stealth ships that are waiting for me to finish my stealth skill. I can’t wait. Just a few more hours! Then I get to play around with my first Tech II frigs.

So, a war won with no shooting, and a shooting with no prize. Hmm. Not what I expected at all.

I zipped over to a Federal Defense Union outpost and requested a mission. Seems easy enough. Of course, it is a low-sec mission, but that’s what they are supposed to be. However, it is something like 18 jumps or so. I have to study the path to see how much enemy territory I would have to go through. It is limited to frigs, so a Tristan will probably be in order. Those ships can armor tank pretty well. I just have to make sure of the loadout. I will write more if I accept it.

Fly warlike-