The upcoming Tyrannis expansion will nerf deep safes. This is how I feel.

Before I begin, let me start by stating how deep safes affect me: They don’t.

I have never used one. I haven’t fought anyone that used one. I have no need for one as of today.

So, what do I think of CCP removing them? I don’t like it. Why? I’ll tell you.

Space is huge. Infinitely huge (or finitely, depending on your belief, but still frickin’ huge). EVE addresses this size by offering warp drives and jump gates. We travel about vast distances as if we’re visiting grandma. 100 times the distance between the earth and the sun takes a minute and maybe a cap recharge. That’s it.

So, why should we put boundaries on our solar systems? By doing so, we’ll go from huge to small in an instant. Jump gates will no longer bridge vast distances, but rather connect one fenced yard to another. Why, we could even bring the systems closer together, so that a pilot on one side of the nerf fence could wave to another on the other side. What is the difference if you can’t travel it?

As said many times before me, EVE isn’t WoW. EVE is in space, not in some orc-infested world on a solitary server. New Eden is biiiiig, or is supposed to be.

Also, by removing the ability of obtaining a deep safe,  there is an incredibly large advantage given to probing ships. So much so that I honestly believe it should be built-in then, like the directional scan: press a button and everyone lights up in the system. Why not? It isn’t hard to find someone in your front yard. If I magically know who is in the system, I should easily know where in a finite, fixed area. 

Now, I cannot say I agree of how those deep spots are made. They are purely the product on an exploit with today’s gameplay. I don’t like exploits, so get rid of the exploit. That is, get rid of how they are currently made.

CCP should do something, though, and it is this: allow warping in any direction for a specified distance. You can fly in any direction via the double-click. However, we can only warp to a known location, much like Nightcrawler from X-Men fame. Why? Is there fear that one would warp from one grid to another, making gates useless? Perhaps, but it would take a lot of time and cap. 1 light year equals 63,239.6717 au. At 6 au/s warp in a Tristan, you end up with almost 3 hours flight time per light year if  you had infinite cap, which we don’t. So, more time added to that. CCP could also put a limit on how far you could travel in the single warp run, regardless of cap, like 99 au or something.  Yes, I do realize that such vast areas will strain some of the computational limits of the client/servers, but something in between could be worked out.

By allowing directional warps, safer spots can be created, just not ultimately safe.  It doesn’t limit the probing of ships. It may increase the time, but sub 5 minute probing is a bit ridiculous. It is a game of cat and mouse; so let both have a chance. Titan pilots could also park their beasts way out while still giving the chance someone could find the ship and be naughty. I see it as a win. Not a perfect win, but a better win.

In other thoughts, I watched a bit of the last FanFest on YouTube. Somewhere along the way one of the game designers remarked that the physics in EVE are accurate. I don’t know if that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but I do have a few observations.


  • Massive ships tend to stay in the direction they are going.


  • Ships slow down due to space friction(?) 
  • Ships always have to have engines running to move about
  • Very long and heavy ships (Itty V, I am looking at you) can turn on a dime without ripping apart
  • Sounds in space
  •  Gravity does not exist

I know, it is a game. I just hope that developer was kidding when he said that and that he isn’t delusional. Please bring back ships warping sideways.

Fly sideways and slantways and longways and backways and squareways and front ways and any other ways that you can think of.