Just hours after my technology sabbatical ended, an opportunity in New Eden has appeared. One for fun and games for sure…

I log on, check out my training queue, check EveMon to make sure I am lined up right, and decide to head back to corporate to play with some new shiny tech II blasters (yay!) . Ooohhh, the ammo is so much cheaper than faction. Yummy. I head out to rat a bit to check them out.

And lo and behold, who do I see? My friendly neighborhood macro miners. I watch them for a while. Mine for 3 minutes. Stop. Wait. Mine for 3 minutes. Stop. Wait. Too fricken obvious. I am about to shove off when I noticed the stack of rat wrecks next to them: they have corp names. What?

Yes, my local macro faction has gone corporate. Yes. This is great. Why?

War dec!. They only have 3 members (the two macro accounts and “the owner”). I called up Kino and he put it to vote. Of course, unanimous. All’s well except that we bungled the vote and set it for 10 days. So, it looks like we have to wait until then before it gets sent to CONCORD, then another 24 hours before we can start legally shooting these guys. WHat fun!

The price is 2 mill a week, which is very doable. We have ten days to hoard some ISK and start the ball rolling for war prep. In hindsight, the ten days is a blessing.

Kill a Macro War objectives:

  • Destroy as many mining barges as we can. Our guess is that we’ll only be able to nail two before the shit really hits the fan.
  • The macroers can no longer operate in Verge Vendor.

Obviously, we couldn’t eradicate them from gameplay. But, kicking them out of the Region is doable and probably easiest for our targets. Here are the possible outcomes (or at least the ones we came up with):

  • Ships go boom and they leave within a week or two. Good. Somewhat likely.
  • They hunker down and stay in station for a while. Not so good. Most likely, but is a money loss for them.
  • We give up after a while in a stalemate. Not so good either. Slightly likely.
  • They “obtain” services, either through mercenary or through addition to their corp, to fight their war. Bad. Unlikely, as it is also a money loss.
  • The dude is just so kick-ass that he whips us constantly. Very bad. Very unlikely, as he can’t be on all the time with his macro wagons.
  • His other “real” yet unknown character is part of a big corp/alliance, and they rain down vengeance 24/7. Extremely, horribly bad. Possible. And the biggest threat to our corp and the war.

The last one is the biggest risk. We get a war-dec from some big corp the next day and we’ll be the ones hunkering down, sneaking out of stations and such.

So, considering the  worst case scenario, our war prep will be this:

  • Mine all week, but not in corporate system (the roids are too small for sustained ops)
  •  Use spy alt and keep tabs on macro wagons. Also, see if other member can be found and follow.
  • Purchase and fit ships. Cruisers and frigs mainly. I can fly BCs and below, but Kino is stuck with Frigs and Destroyers. (First kill gets a Navy Comet (or other T-2 of choice)).
  •  Add targets to “buddies” list to monitor online activity.
  • Disperse fleet among offices and other stations, especially clone location.
  • Drop militia until war is over. We may need to utilize Amarr/Caldari space. And being popped by a militia enemy while engaged with our own WT just has  to suck.
  • Move mining ops to undisclosed system.
  • Monitor local. He might be reading this blog (if he is literate, that is) and has started his war prep. Everyone is a spy.
  • Purchase and disperse a few haulers. We only have 3 Ittys (a III, IV and a V). IVs are fine. I can’t fly a V anyway.
  • Scout and consider setting up an office WAAY the fuck away. Just in case of worst scenario. We have one 9 jumps out, but further may be better, maybe even a low-sec place if need be. They’ll find us, but it gives us a bit of leverage and sets up logistics issues for some corps.
  • Be prepared to close corp (or at least kick Kino out). I need alt training time anyway.

OK, there you have it. Our plan. We honestly can’t wait. It has brought new vigor to our gametime. Kino is stoked. Mining ops actually mean something now. Whoo hoo.

Fly as if someone is going to shoot you. Shoot first.


USS Truxtun

Gear up for war, boys.