I knew that the Easter/Good Friday holiday would bring a lot of players online. And with that, lack of rock.

 One of the things I try to do is stay in my online persona in game. Ze is a somewhat meek individual, responsible for the family business. Kino is a bit more idealistic, and somewhat hot-headed, but is not an overt ass. So, when I really wanted someone blown up, it was Kino who contracted out the kill. And it was beautiful. Kino watched about 85km away in a nice cloaked perch.

Was it financially worth it? No.

Was it expensive? Yes.

Did it solve anything? No.

 Did I feel better. A little.

 But it was very exciting to watch. Not something Kino or Ze will do again, at least not for the reasons we had. They were a professional organization. Very quick kill, too.

A note to my fellow miners: If several characters enter your hi-sec area that have -10 status, dock up. They don’t come to town looking for exotic dancers.

Mining was hard to come by, at least in the home system. Between large corp ops and my neighboring macro-ers, there were just a few pebbles left. I did some counting in adjacent systems, and all were heavily populated with miners. We moved operations to a 0.6 system that had some big veld rocks left, but only in one belt. We got in about 4 hours of mining, which was needed. Boy, that Hulk is sweet.  We just dumped the trit on the market. Kino was too tired to haul stuff across the region to get the best prices, and we needed the liquid funds instead of contracts.

There may be a third soon to join the corp. A lovely Minmitar lady. We’ll see how she works out. Her desire to train barely exists, and she has a very hot streak in temper.

Kino is still gearing up for some factional fighting. He wants to have decent pew-pew skills before he enters battle. He has found a nice 0.5 system a few regions down with a number of rats to practice on. Yes, it isn’t like shooting a real player, but getting used to damage, dps, and other considerations is key. He is very analytical when it comes to that.

So, we have been playing with the EVE fit tool. Not bad. We really can see how skills affect the numbers much more clearly, and how the right equipment makes a difference. Kino can only fly frigs and destroyers, so he has been honing himself down as a tackler in an Incursus. I have purchased several of these ships and have stationed them in our numerous offices. I also have fitted each out (although some more sparsely than others…we didn’t purchase any new stuff).

When Kino shuttles between his little outpost and our region, he zips through some CONCORD space nicely wedged in between Caldari and Amarr space. He hopes to catch someone zipping through one of these days. He hasn’t seen any faction folks there yet.

So, between the excitement of the hit and the dullness that is mining, it was a busy EVE weekend. We’ll be mining here on out until Thursday, when I’ll start my RL technology sabbatical. I am going 5 days without computers. This is self-imposed. I will be travelling, but with two laptops available and hi-speed in the hotel, I could very easily stay connected. However, I earn a living behind several screens and play on them in the evening. I have gotten a bit burnt out. So, some rest, alone time, a baseball game, and some overdue reading is in order.

See ya on the flip