A little update and a big addition.

I went back and forth on buying a Hulk, but finally did the deed. The damn things are so expensive. However, they can tank some, and do bring in a haul. I should have contracted a builder, but didn’t, just paid market price (about ISK165,000,000). That was a ton of ISK, but we can afford it, but just one. Now, we hope it will pay off. Or at least I do. And don’t get me started about insurance, or the lack thereof. So, this may be the most carebear Hulk you’ll ever see. Covetors will be the risk ships for now.

The rocks are back in my home system. I haven’t seen the suspected macro crews lately. Maybe they’ve moved on, maybe they’ve been “dispatched”. Show me a kill mail and I’ll reward ya.

I opened an office in Stou, which is a solid 9 hisec jumps from corporate, although it is still in Verge Vendor. I really don’t know why I did. It is a not well travelled system, but for good reason. There is nothing there. Three belts in a 0.5 system doesn’t bring the visitors. However, if I wanted to mine, I probably can do so with few headaches other than the rats. But those are fun rats. Espcially in a T-1 frig with T-1 blasters and T-1 ammo. It is a hoot.

Really, I guess I wanted to spread out the corp stuff. Yeah, I know, a two man corp shouldn’t have much, but we do. Not keeping all our eggs in one or two baskets prevents headaches if we ever get war-dec’d. Which we won’t. We’re not profitable enough for it to be worthwhile for the dec-er. Poor dec-ees cannot pay ransoms.

Kino has been getting restless. He has begun to resent the mule aspect of his career. I don’t want to lose him, so we discussed options. He doesn’t have enough skills really to be a viable fighter, IMHO, although he is level 5 in Frigs &  hybrids. No cruisers and marginally effective in destroyers. He is working on electronics I think, but am unsure. I need to review his skills I guess.

So, I did the unthinkable: I enlisted the corp into the Gallente Defense militia or whatever. Yes, we’re part of the factional warfare blob now. My Caldari numbers are so crappy that I don’t think this will make too much of a difference. Amarr wasn’t bad, but we’ll see.

Now, again, we’re not accomplished fighters, but this may provide some fun and a bunch of ship losses. I probably won’t do much, but Kino is looking forward to it. He’s even setting up shop a few regions over for this. He has been a fairly large 0.5 system, doing a bunch of ratting. He has been trying different setups to see how each does damage and sustains it. He’s set up as a point. I think he’s fitted:


1xModal neutron blaster

1xModal ion blaster

1xSmall cap booster

1xWarp Jammer (tech 2 I think)

1 AB

1 small armor rep

1 50mm nanofiber plate

If he goes with a shield tank, he’ll drop the cap, the armor and the repairer, and go with a small regen II, OD II and a Mag stab, and a Nosferatu module.

We haven’t played with Battleclinic. I don’t really like the interface much, but then again, I’ve only visited once or twice. We both need to go ahead and get blaster and rail specialty training done so we can use the tech II stuff. I had to deprive Kino of any faction ammo as that stuff is too expensive, especially for just ratting.

Monitoring the faction channel has been a bit disappointing. It is so disorganized (well, duh!). Fleets are rare. Mainly just intel of who is at what gate in the contested areas. IF I have time to work on my cruiser or BC skills, I might venture there alone late one evening. However, in a ‘cursus, I would probably die pretty quick against the camping shinys. You need a gang, for sure.

Which brings me to my next goal: stealth. I am finishing up my electronics upgrade skills, the after I get my guns trained up, I will start training for a stealth ship. We’ll see how long my interests last, but the idea of being a scout intrigues me.

So, there you have it. I don’t know how long I’ll keep the corp in FW. It kinda seems like a bust, but I won’t go until we get one kill. We may have a dozen losses, but I need one kill. Maybe I can jump a nOOb crossing in neutral territory. We’ll see.

Fly and keep flying