Trying to stay current with the other EVE bloggers. So, here’s a map of the places I’ve been. Note: Evidently this counts places you arrive in through gates, because I’ve stuck my nose out in 0.0 space from wormholes.

Comparing my map to others is like getting into a contest to see who has the longest penis and realizing you’re sporting a roll of Certs. With Retsyn.

BTW, no sooner had I written that wormholes had gone missing, one showed up. I visited and found it was inhabited, but no one was home. I found another hole and went through. That damn space had more signatures than I could count. I tracked down a few, got tired, and came back through. The neighbors were now home so I didn’t tarry. One of them poked their head into my system and I said hello. Friendly chap, too. He was driving a Helios, so he may have been there all the while. I asked if he’d seen me and he said no. Fun evening.

SO, I need to write about something missing so it can become true…..I haven’t seen a faction ship in my hangar forever…and I defintely haven’t seen a billion ISK.

Fly adventurous.