I took a glance out of my small office window into the hangar bay. What am I doing? What should I be doing? Is it what I want to be doing?

I really needed to get out into the belts and mine. The corp bank account has been stagnant. Shuttle sales are low, but that is mainly due to the fact that the only inventory we have right now is Amarr. The Frisbee ships just don’t sell well. Minmitar shuttles sell well, mainly because they look cool. Caldari is ok. Gallente ships sell well, too, but to get the right prices, I take them to Amarr space. Got to love economics.

Kino hasn’t been too thrilled to be the company mule. It is possible he might wonder off to an exploration company, I fear. He has had no desire to rat or run missions, so I am not sure ke knows what he wants to do, either.

I haven’t been salvaging rat wrecks of late. Just looting if available. I usually rat/salvage in a Catalyst, but I ‘ve been running around in the Incursus for fun. Our inventories of junk are high, so maybe we’ll push to manufacture something else. Reprocess some junk and tech 1 stuff for materials. I don’t know yet.

I think I am bored.

I went over to a nearby system with a school station to pick up some skillbooks. While I was there I helped a newbie on a learning mission. For some reason, he couldn’t fit a warp disruptor on a Catalyst. He said that it drained his cap so that he couldn’t fit anything else. I doubted that, but offered to rideĀ shotgun while he pointed a baddie for a mission.

Afterwards, I thought about this. Hey, what mission is that? I don’t remember a tutorial mission like that. So I found a tutorial agent that I still hadn’t completed. First mission was that I was given an Atron to fly into a station and blow up. No fittings, nothing. Fly ship. Blow up. Fly egg back. Dumb.

Next mission was the tackle and point mission, although you had to use the “civiliian” warp disrupter. I had a faction scrambler with me, but nooo…can’t use anything good. Oh well. Then there was a drone mission. And a mission where you just haul butt through some very awesome looking magnetic storm on AB. That one was at least pretty.

Then there is this “blow up” one. Back during CCP’s fan fest thingy, they kept saying that new player tutorials will force you to lose ships. I thought they meant incredibly complex missions with exponentially more difficult NPEs. Nope.

What you get to do is take another Atron out (you have to fit it), kill a lone baddie, and then take it up the ass. They jam you, completely freeze you (but don’t drain power or shields) and then pummel you with a number of cruisers. If I remember right, you have to use a gate, so a nice Drake or other ship you could perma-tank could be used for lulz. I don’t know. If CCP was trying to introduce to being blown up, it was weak at best. I did get a new Catalyst out of it, which I promptly sold for a decent ISK haul. Otherwise, I didn’t see the point. A more realistic version would be a mining mission in which you get ganked, or maybe a stealth bomber shoving a bomb in your face. I think there were better ways to do it, not just a weak “complete immobilization cruiser blaster turkey shoot”.

And what is with these militias? Is that a new in-game thing, or did I miss the boat months ago? I received a “letter”, which states some things about me which are not true, to be given to a militia thing. What are those? Anyone?

Speaking of expansion, I have noticed that Dominion has lessened the number of wormholes in my local area. I used to find at least hallf a dozen in a 3 jump area, and usually two in my home system. Now, I haven’t seen one in weeks. I don’t know if it is game mechanics, or that wormhole residents keep closing them when they appear. Whatever the case is, I miss W space. I have been taken out by Sleepers at over 100km ranges, and have been podded by a passerby while I was gazing at the stars. Great learning experiences. I have even mined in a wormhole. That was intense fun (as mining goes). I do miss them. Next one I find I’m jumping in and probably will only come back as a clone.

I think the thrill of exploration and shooting things is really starting to interest me. I finish Gallente Frig V this week, and I need to max out on blaster and rail. Then I might just let Kino mind the store for a while. WHo knows.