Friday and Saturday nights in New eden typically are full of craziness…

Ratting in a different system, I came across a Retriever wreck. There were 3 Serpentis Scouts buzzing nearby, but no miner should have been taken out by those. I wondered what happened there, but moved on. I was about to leave the system when that pilot was on local chatting with a pirate.

Things became clearer. Evidently the pirate can flipped and he took the bait. Um, stupid. That is the risk you take jet canning without a mule. Why lose a ship?

So, I zip back over to where the wreck was, and there are 2 pirates and this guy in an Iteron V having a …standoff? The comms were pretty lame, just the typical “Oh, fair fight, my barge vs. your frig…blah blah blah”. Nothing funny or original. But the Rifter pirate does some fun things with the ship.





Can you find the Rifter?