No sooner had I written that lone suicide gankers are rare, up shows a Thorax looking for lulz.

Just wanted to get two hours of mining in. Kino and I zip off to our favorite spot. Buddy of ours is on the other end of the belt and we fleet up. I take the typical precautions: Ships only on overview, lined up with a something, clear of any roids, monitor local, staying alert. Local is full today, around 30, which is high for the system. I find it hard to keep track of everyone, so I resign to just watch the overview.

Except for an occasional Velator newbie or rude Retriever driver (look, folks, we don’t want you nuzzling up right under our noses and mine the same ore. I am not going to be your insta-fleet), all is well and we’re spending the time being cute on local.

Then, a lone Thorax shows up at warp 0 for the belt. I glance quickly: Ingame since 2007, Thorax loaded with blasters, -2.0 securitystatus, and a member of a 2 person corp. I don’t remember if he was in an alliance, but the big WANTED across his pic had me scrambling (only a 2 mil ISK bounty? Weak). There are (usually) only two reasons someone like that shows up: Can flip and security status increases.

He rockets toward my bud. I call out CANFLIP on coms. Kino was near empty, so I just kept the can open and watched. My bud’s mule was in place (although our security had docked and was AFK for RL issues I think…not like it would have mattered). The Thorax nabs the 1 or 2 bits of ore holding his can. Right, Ittys and barges vs. A blaster boat. Count me out.

My bud is making the typical “ooh, you like that bit of ore? Have another” taunting on local. I just stay quiet. He MWD toward my can, which I love, and I do my best bullfighter “ole'” and colapse the can before he gets within range. I was freshly cycled and had almost 6 minutes to wait it out. He zips out. We have a chuckle. I mean, we’re not stupid.

He shows up again, doing his best griefing. I think my bud got under his skin, because what happened next astounded me:

He opened fire on the barge.

Solo. No buddies to come clean up. Nothing. Except: he failed to destroy the barge. Another thing: CONCORD shows up fast and warp scrambles. WOW. That last part caught everyone by surprise, even the Thorax.

My buddy’s fitting of a shield regen probably gave him enough seconds to stay alive. I need my ore detector to keep efficiency up, but evidently he doesn’t. It happened so fast. The fleet comms showing his attack, CONCORD shooting a LOT of red, just was a blur. Of course, I was making sure my shit was ready to go, but damn.

Now, suicide ganking is just a thing this miner accepts. Typically it is a loot gathering expedition, or a test of gang-tactics, or a chance to win Hulkageddon or the like. I respect that. It is a way of life for those folks in-game. The expense of losing a Hulk or two is something my corp cannot afford at this time, so I fly barges and forgo the extra %.

 But to do it alone to knock out a frickin Retriever (according to him) just for kicks is , well, not even lol worthy. And to fail? Now, that IS lol worthy, just not the type he was looking for.

Thorax-less waits out the criminal flag, leaves system, only to come back in another boat. Most likely he made money off of the insurance on the Thorax (although my bud looted the wreck and hid out for the timer, so he didn’t get his stuff back).

So, again he comes in, determined to get at my bud. The comms on local weren’t too jerkish. Methinks the dude just had a short fuse. Of course, CONCORD ships are sitting there now, so he doesn’t risk it. And heads to the next belt.

I am waay past my two hours and RL is calling. I bid my farewells, unfleet and head back to the ranch. Kino tails behind but heads over to the mining office to logoff. I grab a frigate and head back to the belt and voila’, there is Thorax again griefing my bud.

There is a 0.6 system next to us, and a 0.4 next to that one. He could have had a field-day over in those two. The 0.6 was especially full. But, he was trying to do this in a 0.8. A small 0.8 at that. It made no sense.

What do ya’ll think? Was there lulz to be had?

Fly safe-