Do you help those who need it in game?

I was happily mining away in a new spot. The veld crystals were in (I had spent a few hours earlier with plag. I hate mining plag. Too slow). My eyes were fixed on local; my ship aligned with a moon. I had the juke off and the sound up, with my view pulled back about 100km. Overview was set for ships only. Yes, I mine paranoid, but who wants to play a game while doing something else? That is no fun.

Then, what do you know, an Itty II warps in and aligns with me and starts moving. Shit. Is this a can flipper or ganker?  I check local and can account the validity of all but 2. A one person suicide run is probably not likely.

He nuzzles up between me and Kino. He has a mining laser, so I know no smart bomb attack is imminent. And he starts mining. I recogonize the name as I had seen him AFK mining yesterday with 3 rats pounding away at him. I aided him by poofing the rats, but he was still AFK. Evidently his rock ran out and the ship was just sitting there. Suicidal, I guess.

No questionable characters in the system yet. I figured, if some rats attack, I’d let the ones shooting him to last a while. Maybe he doesn’t realize what he’s doing.

Someone else on local asks what a Federal Data Center is (in German, so I had to Babelfish it). I explained what is was. Then, ol Itty2 said hello and starting asking questions. So, I private convo’d him and we talked while we mined.

He was lost and clueless. I gave him some pointers. Evidently, he was sure he could mine in lo-sec in an Itty with no problems. Riiiiiight. Evidently he learned the real lesson the day before.

After I was done for the day, I left him to fend for himself. I did send him a few ISK to get him started. Someone did that for me early on in my days. Another newb needed help on a mission, and I fleeted up with him and another guy. Evidently, that other guy was an experienced player’s new alt, and he gave us some ISK (about 2 mil apiece) after the mission. Just because.

I try to do that. Not with every newbie that I bump into, but with genuinely friendly ones that are excited about the game and ,well, aren’t jerks. Or absolute idiots. There is a definite difference between overwhelmed nubie and and an idiot. Oh, and don’t come begging for ISK, either 😉

So, how do my other podlings handle newbies? As with any large population, you’ll find the jerks, the idiots, the way-too-serious, and the apathetic. But is EVE a typical group, or does it swing toward the helpful or hurtful?

Corporations, for the most part, need to be helpful, at least to their members, alliances, and customers/suppliers. If not, the corporation hurts. So, I get that. But what of the plethora of those outside those boundaries? Would you help a 7 day old miner by honestly answering questions or giving advice? Perhaps fleet up once in a while for a level 1 or 2 mission?

I probably would….probably.

Fly safe and don’t let pirates get you down.