Can you believe it? Mt first real post is an after battle post???? This miner? WOW.

No, I didn’t get jumped by a can flipper or ganker. That would be the typical pew pew, and I don’t consider that a true action. I actually shot at someone while flying a frig!

Me and Kino had spent a few hours last night knocking out some veld mining for some mad cash. We have been spending a bunch on skills and toys, so we needed to replace the coffers. We average about 5-6 mil ISK an hour or so, depending on market prices for trit, which isn’t bad for a single miner/single mule setup. Strictly jetcan with an itty 5 standing by. Prevents any loses with a can flipper.

So, we did about 2 hours worth. We rallied at our mining/production office, did some refining and put out some sell orders. We thought about just dumping the trit at market price, but didn’t. 🙂

Anyway, I said my farewells, jumped into my standby frig and jetted out of the station. I thought:  Hey, its early, and I am bored from mining. I’ll make a pass through some belts and rat. So, I was off to the nearest belt.

And what do I see? An Itty2 getting hammered by two Serpentis rats. I slam the AB on, and headed for baddie #1. For fun, I kicked out the drone to take out #2 at the same time. Boom, piff….Boom, piff. Easy as pie in hisec.

So, I expected an AFK miner (he was shield reppin). I am a second away from grapping my loot then *flash* Its gone, and itty bitty is red. WTF? This is a n00b from one of those universities a few systems over. I cut him some slack.

“Hey, why did you do that” I called out on local. Silence. I didn’t bother trying to convo this guy. If he’s flying an itty, he should already known better. Time to learn a lesson.

Now, I am flying an Incursus. loadout:

  • Limited Light Ion Blaster I x 2 w/Shadow Iron charges
  • Modal Light Neutron Particle I x 1 w/Shadow Iron charges
  • Cold-Gas I Arcjet thruster
  • Stasis Web I
  • Overdrive Injector II x 2
  • Small Shield Recharger
  • No rigs

Now that is not a PvP setup. Its a rat setup. But, its an Itty I want to shoot, and I’m hoping he goes back AFK. I shoot.

Plink-plink-plink…..plink-plink-plink-zap(ah, good ol drone)….Knocking out that shield that Serpentis softened up for me. I had him webbed, but Ittys are so slow anyways…

He warps away. Dang. Well, it was fun. I head back to the the main office. I get in and note hey, that dude is still in the system!. I grab a warp scrambler (thinking I picked up a disrupter) and swapped it for the shield recharger. I take off and try to hunt him down.

I line up and try to scan him down. I suck at this. But…Hey, Kino is still ONLINE! and FLEETED! I call out and the dummy was shopping. He jumped into his standby (a Cat) and shoved off to help me scan this guy down. He pretty much told me he was on one of three closely adjacent belts.

I zip to the first one and voila’ , the dude is mining again, deliciously red. I accelerate, target, and when I saw 20km whizz by, I thought I energized a disruptor, then I engaged the web at 10k . Plink-plink-plink. Got him sleeping. Was halfway into armour when he woke up and warped away. I thought no way that dude had a warp stabilizer until I found that the scrambler never energized at 20…I was too excited to pay attention.

I chased him to a gate, then another…then aggro timed out. Dammit.

So, what did I learn from this?

  • I need to have a PvP ship on standby
  • Make sure what you energize actually energizes.
  • Maximize damage.

Kino got a kick out of it. He was in a fully armed destoyer and just let me suffer. I’ll get him.

I need to train up in frigates and learn to fly them right. I have lost many ships to mistakes and oversight, but I do learn from each engagement. I lost a Thorax my first time out on a mission. I had no idea how to fly it or arm it. It was sobering.

So, after my looooong training cue clears, its back to frigate 101.

Stay vigilant and fly safe.